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Solar Community Organizers are the folks who are out and about educating and assisting, one town at a time.

Nora Woolf, a Vermont native, spent much of her childhood roaming the Vermont woods. Nora wanted to explore more of the world and experience new climates, so she spent a semester backpacking in the American Southwest with NOLS, studying abroad in Northeastern Australia, and guiding backpacking trips throughout Western US. On these adventures, Nora‘s passion for environmental issues and education was sparked.

Nora earned her undergraduate degree in Global Environmental Studies at Clark University (Worcester, MA). In college, Nora was an active member for Amnesty International focusing on corporate accountability, environmental human rights issues, and the environmental club on campus. After college, Nora returned home to be with her family and root herself in this beautiful state!
Nora‘s passion for the environment, social change, and the love of Vermont has brought her to SunCommon. She loves to share her knowledge of solar and help Vermonters find the best option that fits them. In Nora‘s spare time, she can be found hiking with her dog, playing in the garden or building fun tree forts.

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