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Our Solar Designers each have college degrees and special training in the design of solar systems. They’ll use an aerial image of your place in addition to the information you provide to design the just the right solar system for you.

Having grown up in northwest New Jersey, Kristin enjoyed camping, playing in streams and enjoying the great outdoors. She first discovered Vermont during weekend ski trips with her Dad. Kristin attended Allegheny College where she studied abroad in India and Thailand working with an NGO that was dealing with the impact of GMO’s and climate change on rural and poor farmers in Southeast Asia. This was Kristin’s first introduction to GMOs and understanding the broader environmental and economic impact worldwide.

Kristin moved to Vermont with her husband, Matt, after falling in love with the people, landscape, and culture. She joined SunCommon when it was founded because she was excited about Vermonters having an affordable and viable option for making a choice in where their energy comes from, and how all of us together could make a huge difference.

When she’s not traveling the state helping Vermonters go solar, you can find Kristin gardening, hiking, biking, skiing, and raising her daughter, Maris, to be a global citizen.

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