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Heat Pumps: Solar Heating and Cooling

Energy from the sun can heat and cool your home, replacing dirty and expensive oil or propane. A typical homeowner can save hundreds of dollars each year with solar heat, and enjoy clean energy air conditioning in the summer, too!

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In Vermont, your utility will pay you to switch to heat pumps.

If you’re a customer of this utility… You’ll receive up to this amount of money as a rebate for switching to heat pumps
Burlington Electric Department (BED) $450 (if switching from oil or propane)
Vermont Electric Cooperative (VEC) $300
Washington Electric Cooperative (WEC) $250
Green Mountain Power (GMP) $400
Barton Village, Inc.* $300
Village of Enosburg Falls Inc.* $300
Town of Hardwick Electric Department* $300
Village of Hyde Park, Inc.* $300
Village of Jacksonville* $300
Village of Johnson, Inc.* $300
Village of Ludlow Electric Light Department* $300
Village of Lyndonville Electric Department* $300
Village of Morrisville Water & Light Department* $300
Town of Northfield Electric Department* $300
Incorporated Village of Orleans* $300
Swanton Village, Inc.* $300

*Available through the Vermont Public Power Supply Authority (VPPSA)

There may be additional incentives available through Efficiency Vermont.

Powering heat pumps with solar power is the least expensive way to heat your home through the winter – and cool during the summer.

Relative heating costs for heating your home, and solar power paired with heat pumps is the least expensive way to heat your home
Solar Heating Beats Average Fuel Prices
*Based on data from the VT Dept of Public Service. Solar energy cost determined by using the cost and energy output of most common system design and financing package.

Will you save money on your heating bills?

The answer to this depends on the fuel you are currently using to heat your home. If you have baseboard electric heat or a typically more expensive heating fuel, like propane or oil, the savings can be significant. The fluctuation of fuel costs can offset the efficiency gains of a heat pump system. If you’re switching from natural gas, wood, or pellets, a heat pump may not lower your heating bills.

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Mitsubishi cold-climate heat pumps offer:

  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Dehumidification
  • Air filtration

The outside unit sits on the ground or mounts to the side of your house. The size of the outdoor unit varies based on the number and size of the indoor units it powers.

How big is a solar heat pump wall unit, this diagram shows you the size


Solar heating and cooling is quiet and comfortable. This smart technology can keep your home consistently warm and cozy through the winter — and dry and cool all summer long. Allergens and dust are filtered out as the heated or cooled air is circulated in the house. The installation is easy and takes typically just one day.

Heat pumps are a great solution for Vermonters. They provide year round comfort at a fair price and are a perfect match for solar!! The feedback we get from our clients is “exceeds expectations, quiet and comfortable."
Mark StephensonVermont Energy
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Tired of dirty fuel heating your home? Solar systems produce more power than a home needs during the summer, spinning the utility meter backwards and building up a big electricity credit. You can use that credit at night and during the shorter days of winter to run your ultra-efficient heating and cooling unit.

The heat pump is great! It has certainly surpassed my expectations regarding the amount of heat it puts out and how well it circulates it, not only in the room in which it is installed but throughout the entire floor of my house.
Alison Buhler, KillingtonResidential Solar since 2014


Fuel pricing studies have shown that solar heat is the big winner. Most of us still heat our homes with fuel oil or propane. But now we can save big with solar at a fraction of the cost of heating fuel! (Your added bonus is guilt-free cooling!)

Lastly, what does a heat pump sound like? Check out the video!

As a 95-year-old on a fixed income, solar heating and cooling is a great help. I'll save thousands of dollars every year by not burning all that propane — and that's with the current drop in fuel prices. The next time they spike again, I'll be sitting even prettier. I am like all Vermonters who bristle at heating our homes with dirty, expensive fuel oil or propane. I turned to clean solar energy to heat my home in the winter and get guilt-free air conditioning in the summer. Solar heating is here in Vermont in a big way.
Sam Fogel, CSA Member Solar Heating & Cooling

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