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Come help build the clean energy future.

It’s fulfilling work, at good pay and great benefits, with a bunch of wonderful people who treat each other kindly.

Maybe it’s right for you?

Our Purpose & Mission

SunCommon believes business should create positive change and help solve the world’s biggest problems. Our mission is to accelerate the transition to solar power in our communities because ensuring a habitable planet is the most important work of our lifetimes.

The Work

Close to 200 great people work at SunCommon in a variety of roles including marketing, sales, engineering, project management, procurement, installation, customer service, finance, information technology and happiness resources.


Our employees are SunCommon, so we care for our them with a truly uncommon benefits package. This is all to support our beloved employees (and their families) so they can bring their best each day they’re at work and enjoy every minute that they’re not. 

Health Benefits

SunCommon supports single-payer health care. We pay 100% of health insurance premiums for employees and their families, including deductibles.

Dental Benefits

100% of dental insurance premiums for employees and their families.


3 weeks Paid Time Off and an additional 10 paid holidays.

Retirement Benefits

Contribution to retirement savings or student loan debt.

Disability Benefits

Short and long-term disability.

Life Insurance

Life insurance.

Parental Leave

Paid parental leave and private lactation rooms.

Dog Friendly

Dog-friendly office.

How We Roll

This is a market-solution to the climate crisis — attending to the triple bottom line of People, Planet & Profit.  SunCommon is organized as a Benefit Corporation and certified as BCorp doing right by the planet. We take our mission seriously and do right by the people doing this work. We aspire to a joyful workplace – infused with kindness, respect, consideration and a commitment to gender pay equity.  And we don’t tolerate the toxicity that infects too much our world and workplaces. No bozos allowed!

2021 Annual Benefit Report

Check out our 2021 Annual Benefit Report to learn more about what we’ve been working on and where we’re going.

2018 Benefit Report


We care for our people, with a truly uncommon benefits package to support our beloved employees and their families

  • SunCommon supports single-payer health care. We pay 100% of health insurance premiums employees and their families, and the deductibles too.  That’s a lot.
  • 100% of dental insurance premiums for them and their families.  
  • 3 weeks Paid Time Off and an additional 10 paid holidays. 
  • Contribution to retirement savings or student loan debt.
  • Short and long-term disability. 
  • Life insurance.  
  • Profit-sharing. 
  • Private lactation room. 
  • Dog-friendly office. 

You get the idea, our employees are SunCommon, so we care for our people.


We bring everyone together each month for an AllHands meeting — where we present open-book financials, reveal and discuss plans, celebrate business successes and admit shortcomings — so each employee knows what’s going on in their company and sees their role in our collective impact.  We cater food that day, so folks can spend time with each other – especially across teams to generate awareness and appreciation for the many roles and cool people here. Folks doing this important work deserve to know what’s going on and to bring your passion and ideas to make it even better. 

SunCommon Staff All Hands
Career Development

Career Development

On the HR Team (that’s Happiness Resources) is an in-house, full-time, dedicated Talent Development Manager assigned to help employees advance in their jobs, roles and careers. Each employee participates in a personal Impact Assessment each year – to celebrate success and identify areas for development. We conduct trainings and coaching, foster workers joining professional organizations and send employees to conferences.

Employee Engagement Teams

Employee Engagement Teams

Employees are encouraged to bring their passion, experience, commitment and capacity to Teams at each site that focus the business on the areas of Joy, Sustainability and Diversity & Inclusion.

Chevy Bolt Under Solar Canopy

Clean Energy Digs & Fleet

SunCommon operates from energy-positive headquarters in Waterbury, Vermont and Rhinebeck, New York. Our buildings have no furnace and don’t burn fossil fuel. The solar panels atop the buildings provide all our energy to electrify, heat and cool these facilities. Electric vehicle charging stations provide free fuel for employee cars, and we’ve made a pledge to only procure Electric Vehicles for any application available – having electrified our sedan fleet for now and eagerly awaiting pollution-free trucks.

All of Us

Oh, and SunCommon® of course is an equal opportunity employer and we don’t tolerate harassment or other discrimination based upon sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, caregiver status, pregnancy, military or veteran status, race, color, religion, national origin, place of birth, ancestry, age, physical or mental disability or genetic information.  For real.

Thank you from our whole staff

Business as a Force for Good

A market solution to climate change, SunCommon is a Vermont public benefit corporation and a certified BCorp – committed to the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit.  And yeah, people here do come first.

OK, So What Kinda Jobs Are There?

See our open positions below. To apply, share your resume and a cover letter describing what interests you about the position, why you believe you’d succeed at it and one of your greatest accomplishments. Please do include a cover letter – it helps us get to know you, and for sure we read them.  And lay all of it on us in PDF format (so your stuff is sure to make it through the interwebs).

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