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We are succeeding by celebrating creativity, cross-functional collaboration, high energy, hard work, good play, deep networking and acknowledging that we’ll each make mistakes and learn from them. We know success. We know fun. Come do both with us.

Our open positions are listed below. To apply to our Vermont clean energy jobs, prepare your resume and cover letter (both in PDF format) describing what interests you about this position, why you believe you’d succeed at it, and one of your greatest accomplishments. Please do include a cover letter – it helps us get to know you, and we really do read them!

SunCommon® of course is an equal opportunity employer and we don’t tolerate harassment or other discrimination based upon sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, caregiver status, pregnancy, military or veteran status, race, color, religion, national origin, place of birth, ancestry, age, physical or mental disability, genetic information or any other legally protected status.


In addition to meaningful work, we offer competitive salary and generous benefits in our dog-friendly offices. Our commitment to our beloved employees is reflected in the following benefits across the company, in both Vermont and New York. Individual benefits for employees based on position are included in each job description.

Employee Meals and Celebrations

We cater lunch at monthly All Company meetings, to foster employee collegiality. And there’s usually cake for someone’s birthday or other celebrations.

Confidential Survey

We annually seek feedback from our employees on what is working and how to serve them better. This includes benefits, training and development, and performance feedback.

It’s gone great! I can’t think of the last time we had such professional customer service. Every single person we have worked with has been fabulous – courteous, informative, communicative.
Stephanie TownsendPittsford SunCommon Customer
I knew that solar was the right thing to do, but I held off because I thought there would be a huge expense associated with it. Then I learned about community solar from SunCommon. I was shocked to learn that there is no up-front cost and that the price per kwh is actually cheaper than RG&E. It's an absolute win-win situation and we couldn't be happier about it.
Fran ReedRochester SunCommon Customer
We got rolling in March. March was actually a pretty good month for solar gain. Almost immediately, we generated more power than we used.
Doug WeinsteinWarren. solar since 2013.
I was happy with SunCommon’s process because I haven’t had to do a whole lot except sit back and watch. They made it easy and painless. You always think of solar as being too expensive, but SunCommon has a model that makes it possible.
Bill BeanlandVermont Bedrooms, Rutland, VT
It really has been a very positive experience working with SunCommon, right from the first look at their website. The best combination, as I've been telling people, of efficient, clear, honest, complete, and pleasant dealings. And that extends to the installation crews, particularly the guys that installed the heat pump - they were awesome. Our system has fulfilled our hopes and SunCommon’s promises.
Court GettelRutland, VT
I was paying $200 per month for electricity before I went solar. I knew there had to be a better way. It's been one year since going solar and I already know the investment was worth it. I like that the installation was easy. The panels are up there working and doing their job.
Carl WenerWest Rutland, VT
We want to set an example for our children. The political landscape is changing and strong environmental policy is on the backburner. As a mother and as someone who cares for our environment, I wanted to do something. Solar is it.
Tomlynn BiondoHinesburg, VT
We went solar because it is affordable and the right thing to do! No money down and the process was so smooth.
Ryan and Alissa HebertWindsor, VT
We thought that it had to be too good to be true, but honestly it was so easy to go solar. Most notable is that we aren't paying an electric bill- we can't believe more people don't do it!
Eric and Teresa BauernschmidtWest Windsor VT
I had two companies come and I chose SunCommon because I wanted to own the power I produce. It was great - I didn't have to do a thing. SunCommon did it all and it was super easy.
Brian DanforthBrandon, VT

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