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Customer Support is your go-to team for questions about your existing solar system or community solar membership.

Laura grew up in the South West of England and moved to the US after travelling in Africa and India. She lived in a yurt with her daughter and more than a few cats in Northern California for many years and worked as a teacher and a goat herd before moving into solar in 2016. She worked as an installer and designer for a worker-owned solar co-operative before traveling across the country to start a new life in Vermont. 

Her passions include permaculture and growing food, yoga, being close to waterfalls, and surrounding herself with beauty, and she can often be found with dirt under her nails and ink stains on her fingers. She has a deep love for nature and is continually in awe at the transformative power of story and song. She prefers to approach life with curiosity and wonder, and finds that laughter really is the best medicine.

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