Solar Home Advisors are members of SunCommon's residential sales team. They educate homeowners on the growing role that solar is playing in our clean energy future. They have a good technical grasp of how solar energy works, how solar projects are permitted, and the benefits that solar can provide. Our Solar Home Advisors help break down barriers to solar and are there for our customers when they need us.

Heather grew up in the boring part of Connecticut before moving to the north shore of Massachusetts, where she got her Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Endicott College. As much as Heather liked the beach, she realized she loved the mountains even more. So when she finally came across an opportunity to move to Vermont, she jumped on it and hasn’t looked back since. One of the many things about Vermont, that Heather immediately fell in love with, was that there were more solar panels on the side of the road than garbage. Heather has built her career in customer service, working in a variety of different industries, from banking and finance to restaurants and breweries. But just before her move to Vermont she promised herself she would find happiness in her new home because she would work for a company that took care of their people and their community before everything else. She is excited to be fulfilling that promise while helping fight the climate crisis here at SunCommon. When Heather is not in the office bringing smiles to the faces of our customers, you can find her soaking up all of the sunshine she can. Look for her dancing barefoot in the grass to her favorite live music event, or at the summit of a beautiful mountain.

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