Senior Commercial Solar Project Consultant

The SunCommon commercial team is focused on bringing solar options to businesses, both large and small

My name is Craig Hightower. I am the Senior Commercial Solar Project Consultant in our Kingston office. I am originally from the Central Valley of California where you could usually find me up in the Sequoias camping, fishing, or hiking. I began my work in renewable energy in 2010. At that time, I began to become more aware of the state of our environment and the damage our societies were causing. I was also very fascinated by solar technology! I quickly decided that I wanted my career to have meaning beyond “just a job”. I wanted my work to be part of the solution to leave a cleaner planet to the generations that follow. In 2014, my Solar career had taken me to the Twin Cities of Minnesota where I helped launched the first Community Solar program in the State. I was then relocated to the Hudson Valley of New York to be a part of the Community Solar launch in that market.

With solar, I am able to make an income for my family, but I also get to make an Impact to the world! I chose to fulfill my mission at SunCommon because I believe at SunCommon, we truly use our business as a force for good – and that is a team I want to be a part of!

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