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Solar Home Advisors are members of SunCommon's residential sales team. They educate homeowners on the growing role that solar is playing in our clean energy future. They have a good technical grasp of how solar energy works, how solar projects are permitted, and the benefits that solar can provide. Our Solar Home Advisors help break down barriers to solar and are there for our customers when they need us.

Tim is a Vermonter who is passionate about climate action. He attended Craftsbury Academy, St. Johnsbury Academy, and Williams College before moving overseas for several years, where he witnessed the impacts of climate change, white supremacy, and destructive resource exploitation and learned about the importance of ecological balance, good governance, and appropriate technology in countries such as Cambodia, Syria, and the autonomous Kachin lands of northern Myanmar. Tim returned to Vermont in 2010, and now splits time between the Northeast Kingdom and Chittenden County. He loves exploring Vermont, helping people go solar, and homesteading with his family.

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