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Our Storytelling and Marketing team collects the stories behind our solar movement. Our work connects our communities through photo, video, social media, print and the web. We love to share our story!

Eli has been writing and editing for over a decade. He graduated from Haverford College with a degree in English and creative writing, and then worked on a farm, and then a bakery, and then a bookstore. His next challenge was a year of service with AmeriCorps evaluating state assistance and homelessness prevention programs. Lastly he worked for an international publisher of children’s books on their operations, marketing, and editorial teams, and authored a book during that time. He experienced one isolating and life-changing summer living off the grid in the middle of nowhere, which taught him a lot of good lessons. Eli was born and raised in far-western Massachusetts and now lives in beautiful central Vermont with his partner and dog, but also enjoys traveling when possible, as well as fixing up his old house, hiking, skiing, cooking, guitaring, reading, or writing.

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