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When the power goes out...
your solar can be your backup

SunCommon now offers Home Energy Storage – the ability to store your solar power for back-up during outages.

When storms hit and the power goes out, your solar and battery work together to keep the essentials of your home running.  No more filling the bathtub (and every pot and pan) with water.  No more worrying about your pipes freezing – or needing to get to a hotel as the temperatures drop.  No more cleaning out a fridge-ful of spoiled food.

Homes with solar and storage enjoy the reliability of backup power and support a more reliable and efficient grid for their community.

Why Home Energy Storage?

At SunCommon, we believe that everyone has the right to a healthy environment and a brighter future – and renewable energy is where it starts. Energy from the sun can power every aspect of our lives – and now we can even store that power as back-up, and take even more control of where our energy comes from.

When we combine solar power and energy storage, we can power with sunshine during the day and through the night – building a more reliable, resilient energy system for our state.

Tesla Powerwall Installed at Vermont Cape Home

Solar Battery Options:

SunCommon offers Tesla’s Powerwall 2.0, a proven battery technology, powering Tesla’s electric vehicle fleets.

Tesla Powerwall 2 Home Energy Storage to be paired with Solar Panels

Tesla Powerwall II

As always, we offer financing with no upfront cost and a fixed monthly payment to help make solar and energy storage easy and accessible.

What will these batteries power?

  • well pump
  • fridge and freezer
  • furnace or boiler
  • kitchen outlets and stove
  • internet connection

You won’t be able to host a neighborhood party during a power outage, but you’ll be able to keep your water running, your heat heating, and your freezer frozen.

Government and Utility Support in Vermont

  • Building a more efficient, lower cost, and most resilient energy system is in everyone’s interest!  Our federal government chips in by offering an income tax credit worth 30% of the cost of battery systems powered by solar.
  • Green Mountain Power supports local solar energy and home energy storage as a way to increase grid reliability and drive down costs for all of their customers. This is a really exciting program! GMP is making it easier and more affordable for their customers to install back-up batteries in their home. And each additional battery that’s added to our energy system means 1) more local clean power meeting our communities’ energy needs and 2) lower electricity costs for everyone. This is a big deal for our brave little state!
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More About the GMP Program:

GMP’s energy storage program will pay you, with a credit on your electricity bill, if you allow them to connect to your battery. The bill credit ranges from $14-$58/month, depending on system design and how much access you want to give GMP to your stored energy.

GMP will only accept the first 650 customers or so into this pilot program. Now is a great time to reserve your spot. Ready to get started?

I switched to solar to save money and become more energy independent. The more I can power my life with solar the better off I am. With the battery back-up, I can store sunshine to use during an outage making the most of my solar production.
Rhonda PhillipsMiddletown Springs, Vt.
It’s going to be a great back-up system. When power goes out, obviously there are some key things I’d like to keep going, like the alarm system, medical alert, the hot water heater, the food, just in order to to bridge the gap between the outage and whenever the power gets set back again.
Miguel OrantesBellows Falls, Vt.

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