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Our Solar Advisors are the first set of eyes on your roofline. They'll check out your home and make sure you're set up with a Solar Home Advisor to get you on the path to solar! They make our process smooth and easy for anyone to go solar.

Zoila was born in Honduras and immigrated to Miami, Florida at the age of ten. She became active in several Grassroots campaigns during the 2000 and 2004 election cycles, with a focus on fundraising and education on environmental issues. After attending Miami-Dade College she began an eight year long career in the Fine Art Business Industry. Trading her flip flops for snow boots she moved to Vermont in 2012 and began working in Hospitality where she managed several retail operations. With a long career in customer service, she is excited to help her community embrace clean energy and find a solar solution for everyone!

She has enjoyed chasing sunny days and waterfalls with her beloved life partner, Aaron, since 2009. They both share a strong desire to celebrate nature by enjoying quiet hikes through the green mountains and refreshing dips in some of their favorite secret swimming holes.

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