Solar Design Engineer

Our Solar Designers each have college degrees and special training in the design of solar systems. They’ll use an aerial image of your place in addition to the information you provide to design the just the right solar system for you.
Terri grew up in the suburbs of Houston, TX. She attended Auburn University for a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and a successive Master’s in EE at the University of Kentucky. While getting her Master’s, she felt the call to use her degree to help others. She explored solar and started with off-grid design. Upon completion of her degree, Terri traveled to developing countries with a non-profit to install off-grid systems for schools, churches, clinics, orphanages, and mission compounds. Additionally, Terri started working for a company in the US, expanding her knowledge to grid-tied systems and navigating US codes.
Terri moved to Honduras for a few years as a missionary, for both the church and solar work. Life’s circumstances moved her back to Houston where she began designing solar for residential and commercial projects.
Terri currently lives in Houston, TX with her husband and two children, Ben-David and Ian. In her spare time, you will find her at a crossfit gym relieving stress and building muscle. She also enjoys mountain biking and reading.
Terri joined SunCommon as a designer as she sought a fully remote position and was drawn to SunCommon’s focus on people, planet, and profit. As a family, she will be moving back to Honduras shortly, where she will continue working remotely.

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