Senior Manager of Storytelling

Our Storytelling and Marketing team collects the stories behind our solar movement. Our work connects our communities through photo, video, social media, print and the web. We love to share our story!

Patrick joined the SunCommon team to help progress the clean energy movement in his home state and beyond. With a passion for telling stories through a variety of mediums and deep sense of connection to SunCommon’s purpose, he considered the Storyteller role a personalized call to action. In 2019, he was proud to help create SunCommon’s first annual Climate Action Film Festival.

Patrick studied photographic history and chemical process at an alternative high school, later majoring in documentary filmmaking in college. This experience both sharpened his focus on what he wanted to create and eventually inspired his decision to plant roots in Vermont. He lives in the Burlington area with his wife Katherine and their son Ira. He continues to work as a freelance photographer and enjoys coffee, cooking, movies, and synths.

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