Community Solar FAQs

Do you have questions about your CSA membership? Read on for our Community Solar FAQs, including details about cancelling and transferring.

I’m moving. What should I do with my CSA membership?

Please get in touch with us as soon as you know you’re moving. Utilities require 30-60 days notice to make any changes to CSA memberships, so as much advance notice as possible is best.

If your new address has the same utility provider, you can “bring” your CSA membership with you! We’ll just need your new address, utility account number and the timing of your move. Easy!

If you are moving outside of your current utility provider’s service area, you can either cancel or transfer your membership.

How do I cancel my CSA membership?

Get in touch with us as soon as you know you’ll need to cancel. Most of our agreements require a minimum of 60 days notice and have a modest exit fee. The exit fee can be waived if you have someone to “transfer” your membership to.

Please review your CSA agreement for the specific details, as terms vary by array location and utility. 

How do I transfer my CSA membership to another person?

We offer this opportunity so members can avoid any exit fees. You can turn over your membership to the new residents, or a friend/neighbor/colleague that you’ve inspired to go solar—the only requirement is that they have the same utility provider. 

If you have found someone to take over your membership, we recommend sending an email (with the new member on CC) to Please include the following info for the new member:
– Name
– Phone Number & Email
– Address
– Utility Account number

From there, the new member will need to sign a CSA agreement, representing the same share size that you are transferring.

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My electric usage has changed. How do I increase or decrease my CSA share size?

Please email a copy your most recent electric bill. From there, we’ll help you figure out what changes to your membership are needed, so that you can make-the-most-of your CSA member benefits. 

How do I read my electric bill as a CSA member?

I keep hearing about CCAs in my area… What is that all about?

CCA stands for Community Choice Aggregation. It’s a way for your local elected officials to choose a third party company to supply your electricity instead of the utility. Your utility will continue to deliver your electricity. Most CCAs strive for some savings with renewable energy.

Yes, you can have both.  The CCA may lower your overall monthly bill a little, by lowering the “supply” part of your bill. The CSA credits will appear as a separate line item on your bill, and will help offset the sum of the basic service charge, delivery charges, and CCA supply charges on your bill.

By participating in a SunCommon CSA, you are choosing to purchase your electricity from a specific local solar project. The local solar array will produce electricity and feed it directly into the utility grid so you can benefit from monthly credits reducing your electric bill. CCAs are managed by a third party administrator that work with several different Energy Service Companies and Distributed Energy Resource providers to aggregate a mix of renewable energy sources.

SunCommon works alongside CCAs because they help support renewable energy sources, even if they are far away from your home. CCAs also help provide more local choice and control over energy sourcing and production. SunCommon installs local residential, commercial, and community solar systems to help you create clean energy right where it is used. We believe that everyone has the right to a healthy environment and brighter future—and renewable energy is where it starts.

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