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Affordable Solar at No Upfront Cost

We take pride in tearing down the barriers to make solar affordable for everyone. SunCommon® offers solar financing at no upfront cost and a low monthly payment. You’ll save thousands over the life of the system, compared to what you would have paid the utility for electricity.

Solar means owning your power vs. paying a utility bill…forever.

Owning a home is a smarter financial decision than renting; we all know that.  Solar offers the same opportunity on the energy front. Paying the utility is akin to renting – a bill that hits you month in and month out, without building any value or equity.  Solar is your ownership option, and helps bump up your home value, to boot.

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There Are Three Ways to Own Your Panels

Rest assured, our approval process is quick and friendly. And, since it doesn’t require home equity, you can hold on to that for retirement or the kids’ college or whatever comes next.

We’ve partnered with VSECU, a Vermont-based credit union, and Mosaic, a national energy lender and fellow B-Corp, to create affordable solar financing options.



Low interest rate:

A 12-year loan with interest rates as low as 3.24%.


Low monthly payment:

Longer term 20-year financing options allow our customers to reduce their monthly energy payments. Go solar, and pay less each month for your solar system than you’re currently spending on your utility bills.



Some of our customers choose to pay for some or all of their solar system without using SunCommon’s financing. Your choice!

I have two kids and I’ve lived in Vermont all my life. Our previous home was a 30 year old mobile home. It was cold as heck in the winter and a hot sweat box in the summer. We needed a better home, way of living and to be much more energy efficient. With our new home we went solar! I love that we can get energy from the sun. We’re just sucking up the energy from the sky. I would’ve gone solar earlier if I had known how easy SunCommon made the financing. It’s easy. I check my GMP monitoring and see how much I’ve consumed and how much I’ve generated. I can just hear the money – cha-ching! – coming off my bill as I watch the progress my solar is making.
Simone Colby, VergennesSolar since 2015

Our COVID-19 Response

We’re adjusting our business operations by practicing social distancing, working from home, and frequent sanitization. Even though it’s not business as usual, we’re still out there installing solar!

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How do I go solar?

The process for going solar is simple. It starts with filling out our get started form. You can do so by clicking the get started button. If you want to know more details about the process and the steps involved between signing up and turning on the power, click the button below to find out more.

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