Solar Home Advisor

One of our trained technicians known as Solar Home Advisors will visit your home to confirm the design is accurate, make any necessary tweaks, inspect your roof and electrical panel to ensure they’re good for solar and answer any of your questions in person. After that’s done, then it’s time to go solar.

Lindsay grew up on the north shore of Long Island, spending much of her time at the beach, attending music festivals, and embarking on outdoor adventures with her dog Abbey. After attending school for design she felt the urge to do something more meaningful with her life, and being an avid lover of all things nature, she turned her focus to Environmental Humanities. Her passion for the clean energy movement stemmed from her involvement in the Sustainability Studies program at Stony Brook University, where she volunteered as an environmental activist building community gardens and spreading awareness. Upon falling in love with the Hudson Valley, Lindsay relocated to Troy in 2015 and settled into her two-hundred-year-old Victorian dream home; where she now lives blissfully amongst way too many house plants, four parakeets, three dogs, and a mini pig named Pearl.

Given her inherent devotion to the future of our beautiful planet and all it’s living creatures, spreading the message of renewable energy is something Lindsay feels she was born to do. Working at SunCommon alongside such an awe-inspiring group of like-minded individuals has been an absolute dream come true.

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