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Mike is a native Vermonter, but he was born in Burlington so the old timers aren’t sure whether or not that is a title he can claim. He attended the University of Vermont where he started out as a math major but quickly pivoted to studying philosophy and political science. After graduating, Mike’s first job was with the Onion River Co-op at their flagship store City Market. His passion for their mission led him to serve on the board of directors where he gained invaluable insight into running a socially responsible business.

Mike’s next adventure took him to Chicago where he worked as a musician (bass, guitar, accordion, and keys) playing mostly country and Irish music and as a sound engineer in the special events industry where he attended hundreds of weddings. After his partner at the time completed her coursework at the University of Illinois at Chicago, they returned to Vermont to enjoy the small town lifestyle once again.

At this point, Mike switched gears again and began working for Small Dog Electronics where he started in sales, and over the years worked in marketing, wholesale, business sales, consulting, and finally ended up as the service and consulting manager. This experience helped him hone all the skills that he now deploys on a daily basis keeping SunCommon’s cloud systems optimized.

Mike lives in Montpelier with his kids Dex and Theo.

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