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Community Solar Array

SunCommon helps hundred of households get in on solar each year. For some, going solar at home makes a lot of sense. Others need a different solar solution: a Community Solar Array. We call them CSAs.

Here’s how it works

Members of a CSA use solar credits produced by that array to reduce or eliminate their utility bill. Since it’s not wires but the utility’s billing system that connects to the Community Solar Array, CSA members can live anywhere within the same utility as the community array.

My wife and I joined the Monkton Community Solar Array in March of this year with a 7% share, and we immediately began seeing benefits. Our CSA share generates enough credits to cover our electric bills over the summer, pay for our two heat pumps AND take us into the winter with a $726.00 credit on our electric bill. We are saving money and our heat pumps are reducing the amount of oil we burn helping to make our little corner of the world just a bit greener!
Bruce BaldwinCommunity Solar since 2015
The Community Solar option not only suited my environmental motivations, it also benefited my wallet. Every month I’m guaranteed savings for the share of solar credits I receive from the Community Solar Array. Instead of paying a monthly electric bill, my dollars will be going toward an array alongside dozens of other Vermonters in need of an alternative solar solution.
Nick CunninghamCommunity Solar since 2015
CSA Graphic How Community Solar Works

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