What do the lights on my inverter mean?

There are 3 main things to keep in mind while making sure your inverter is functioning.

1. Is there currently sunlight on your panels?

If it is nighttime, storming, or if the panels are covered in snow, your inverter is not going to provide reliable information. Check back when there is sunlight on the panels.

2. Are there numbers and other information being displayed on the screen?

If so, your inverter is humming along and producing electricity.

3. What are the lights telling you?

Green = Good

Blinking Green = Waiting, Low Light Outside

No Color = No light on panels (night time, snow, storm)
If it is day time and your system is not covered in snow, confirm that all of the switches are on:

  • AC disconnect (outside by the meter/pole/inverter)
  • DC disconnect (under inverter)
  • Solar Breaker (in main breaker panel, sticker says PV or SOLAR [won’t exist if a line-side tap])

Red/Orange/Yellow or ERROR CODE = Call us at 802-882-8685 or email us.

If your inverter is NOT functioning:
Get in touch and one of our amazing tech folks will come out and get that taken care of. Chances are, if we fix your inverter – your monitoring function will follow.

If your inverter IS functioning:
More than likely there is just a small glitch in the monitoring. Give it 3-4 days to resolve itself. Monitoring does NOT affect production. You’re still up and running and being credited by your utility.

If you have a Powerline Adaptor (aka PLC) like the ones pictured here, please plug and unplug the Adaptor. The PLC should have 3 green flashing lights. If they are solid or not lit, the Adaptor may not be working properly.

If plugging or unplugging doesn’t work, or you do not have PLCs, give us a call at at 802-882-8685.

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