Bill Court

Commercial Site Supervisor

Bill’s tenure with SunCommon started in 2007 as a field technician where he worked on wind turbine construction, ranging from residential to utility scale turbines. Bill also oversaw grant administration, consisting of securing permits and design for residential systems, production, and simulation modeling for commercial turbines, and managed operation and maintenance for our installed turbine fleet.

With our transition to solar installations, Bill managed operations with residential solar crews and light commercial wind before becoming a commercial site supervisor. Bill has been a Commercial Site Supervisor for 3 years and handles all aspects of managing subcontractors on our larger solar arrays. To date, Bill has overseen 12 MWs being added to the grid in NY, VT, and MA, and is proudly an approved NYSERDA installer.

Bill is getting married next spring and has his hands full parenting a new puppy, Julia! He is a native to Upstate NY and aside from spending time with his fiancé and dog, he enjoys spending his free time skiing in the winter and riding his motorcycle in the summer.

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