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The SunCommon and Green Mountain Power Low Income Community Solar Program

In partnership with Green Mountain Power, we are building and offering more Low to Moderate Income Community Solar programs in the future. Sign Up to join our waiting list for the next LMI Community Solar and save on your electric bill!

Who qualifies?

  1. GMP customers at or below 200% of Federal Poverty Level. (See these numbers below.)

  2. If you receive Energy Assistance (25% discount) through GMP, you can add this 7% discount too. If you aren’t on Energy Assistance, we can help determine if you qualify and get you signed up to receive the full 32% discount on power!

  3. Customers must have good bill payment history with GMP. Credit check not required.

# in Household* 200% of Fed. Poverty Level Annual Income Monthly Income
1 $ 24,120 $ 2,010
2 $ 32,480 $ 2,707
3 $ 40,840 $ 3,403
4 $ 49,200 $ 4,100
5 $ 57,560 $ 4,797

*For each additional person in the household, add $8,360 annually, or $697 monthly.

Why join?

  • No money down
  • Enjoy a 7% discount on power
  • Stabilize your monthly payments
  • Easy in & easy out
  • Great for renters & homeowners
  • Easy for mobile homes & condos

Stabilize your monthly payments & save with solar!

Sign up below to reserve your spot!

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We’re here to help you find your solar solution, whether that be solar at home, at your small business, or on a larger commercial structure. Click the button to get started. Thank you!
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