SolarEdge Inverters

SunCommon has installed several SolarEdge inverter models. From left to right they are the  SetApp HD wave (screenless), HD wave (with screen), and SolarEdge A-US

All SolarEdge inverters have a red ON/OFF toggle switch and a black DC disconnect dial. SunCommon currently uses only the SetApp inverter, the most current model, on all new installations.


How to power cycle (reset) your SolarEdge inverter

If you have a SolarEdge HD Wave or A-US Inverter displaying error codes or a SetApp inverter displaying a red fault light, then power cycling is a good next step. There are some error codes (Ground Faults and Isolation Errors) where it does not make sense for safety reasons. In those cases, contact SunCommon Customer Support.

Here is how you power cycle a SolarEdge inverter:


1) Flip the red switch into the off position, this is located either above the black dial/DC disconnect or on the left side in the back of your inverter.

2) Wait five minutes or until the DC voltage reading on your inverter goes below 50 VDC, if you have a screen.

3) Turn off the DC disconnect, this is the black dial right on the front of the inverter. Simply turn it to the “off” position. 

4) Turn off your system’s AC disconnect. This is located outside next to your utility meter. Look for a grey box with a lever that you’ll pull down into the “off” position. If you do not see this, that means your AC disconnect is a breaker underneath your Net Meter, or ConnectDER, that you will need to flip off. You’ll need to unscrew the grey cover to access the breaker. See reference photos. 

5) Wait 30 seconds and then turn them back on in reverse order. Throw the AC lever back up into the “on” position, turn the dial on the inverter back to the “on” position, and flip the red switch. 

The inverter will start to turn back on and may take a few minutes to reboot. You should see the main screen as normal or the red fault light clear once the reboot is complete with no error message. If the issue persists, please contact SunCommon Customer Support. 

The red ON (I) OFF (0) indicator and switch.
AC Disconnect Lever next to utility meter
AC Disconnect Lever next to utility meter
AC disconnect underneath the ConnectDER

How to read your SolarEdge inverter screen

Your SolarEdge HDWave or A-US has several different screens and will cycle through these on a timer. The first screen is the most important: 

Vac [V]: The AC output voltage

Vdc [V]: The DC input voltage

Pac [W]: The AC output power – this is the amount of electricity your system is currently producing in watts

P_OK: XXX/YYY: This signifies the number of optimizers in the array and shows if any of those optimizers are not working. If XXX and YYY are not equal, there may be a problem in one or more power optimizers.

S_OK: Means that the connection to the SolarEdge monitoring portal is successful (appears only if your system is equipped with monitoring equipment and the inverter is connected to the server).

ON/OFF: Indicates the position of the red inverter ON/OFF switch.

For more detail, see this PDF from the manufacturer: SolarEdge Inverter status screens

What the lights on your SolarEdge inverter mean

If the blue light is on: Your inverter is communicating with the monitoring platform

If the green light is on: Your system is producing.

If the green light is flashing: Your system is connected to the grid but is not producing. This can happen if there is snow covering the system or at night.

If the red light is on: There is a system error. You can try power cycling your inverter or call the SunCommon Customer Support Team at 802-882-8685 if you need assistance.

View the SolarEdge LED guide for a full list of LED patterns and error codes

Common error messages seen on SolarEdge inverters and how to fix them.

Night Mode or Idle 

Inverter goes into night mode or into idle when there is no light detected. Usually this is due to night time, snow cover, and large obstructions.

If your inverter is in Night Mode or Idle during the day when the system is free of snow, please try power cycling and then calling SunCommon Customer Support if the issue persists.

18xC or 150

Arc Fault. This is an easy error to reset! Simply toggle red switch “off” wait 30sec then flip to “on” again.

2×19 or 18×86

Ground Fault / Isolation Fault: Please contact SunCommon Customer Support

AC Over Voltage

Please contact SunCommon Customer Support

18xB&, 18xB5 “HW”

Hardware error a replacement inverter is most likely needed. Please contact SunCommon Customer Support


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