Zigbee and Gateway

The Zigbee is the antenna connected to your inverter (right), and the Gateway is the device connected to your internet router (left).

Your inverter uploads data stored by the Zigbee to the SolarEdge monitoring portal by communicating with your internet router via the white gateway device. You can find your gateway attached to your router.

how to fix your zigbee gateway

What the lights and buttons on your Gateway mean

S_OK — Solid Light: Gateway is connected to the internet

Link — Flashing Light about every 5 seconds (frequency varies based on number of inverters): The ZigBee and Gateway are able to communicate with each other.

Signal Bars —Solid Light(s): Communication strength between ZigBee and Gateway

Red Button (2 functions) — 1) Hold until all lights illuminate- search for ZigBees. 2) Hold for 30 seconds- Hard reset (the Gateway will forget inverters it’s communicated with in the past)

How to pair your ZigBee and Gateway to re-connect your solar monitoring

1) Check that all cables are plugged fully into their units.

2) Hold down the red button until all the lights turn on. Upon release they will begin to flash,

3) Once the connection is established, the signal and S_OK lights will be illuminated and the Link light will flash continuously.

That usually does the trick. However, if the S_OK light is illuminated but the Link light isn’t flashing, that means the ZigBee antenna on your inverter is not yet communicating with the Gateway.

Unplug the Gateway from the router and bring it to an outlet closer to your inverter. Plug it in, wait 30 seconds, then hold down the red button until all the lights come on. Wait until the link light is established (flashing). Then take it back to the router and simply plug it back in. Do not hold down the button again.

Your monitoring should take about an hour to get back up and running. If not, please email support@suncommon.com for further assistance.


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