Nanostations and Picostations

Your inverter uploads data to your monitoring portal by communicating with your internet router via a white box called a NanoStation or PicoStation. It is connected to the inverter by two ethernet cables and a black three pronged plug called a Power Over Ethernet (POE).

POE (left), NanoStation Units (center left and right), and Picostations (right) look like this:

Nanostations and Picostations

What the lights on your Nanostation or Picostation mean

Power — Solid Light: Device is recognizing power source

LAN — Solid Light: Communication between Nano/Pico and inverter/computer

Signal Bars — Solid Light(s): Communication strength. Can be green/orange/red. 

My Nano/Picostation isn’t communicating with my inverter

The two most common situations in which your Nano or PicoStation may have lost its connection with your inverter is if 1) there was an interruption to power and connection needs to be repaired, or 2) your network settings have changed — that is, you got a new router, changed your network credentials (network name or password), or have a new internet service provider.

Here’s how to repair your connection if your network settings have NOT changed.

Confirm that there is power to the NanoStation by checking for at least one green light on its back.

Unplug the POE from its outlet.

 Unplug your router from its power source.

Wait a few minutes and then plug the POE and router back in.

Return your Nano/PicoStation to its original placement.

After these steps, the inverter will start to turn back on and may take a minute or two to reboot. You should see the main screen as normal once the reboot is complete with no error message. If the issue persists, please email

How to fix your Nano/Picostation if your network settings have changed

Reset the NanoStation with a paperclip or pen and use your computer to reconfigure the device. Follow these instructions if your computer is a Mac and these instructions if you use a PC.

It usually takes the monitoring about an hour to get up and running again.

If the steps above didn’t help usually does the trick, but if not, let us know and we can take a closer look.


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