In the late 1970’s, Nora Woolf’s parents found a wooded plot of land in Monkton, Vermont and decided it was the perfect place to build their homestead. Now that it’s been handed to down to the next generation, Nora and her wife have reimagined homesteading for the 21st century. By adding solar panels to the house, Nora and Lizzy are able to live and grow with the sun’s power!

“It feels really great for us to have just bought this house, doing a lot of projects, to be able to go solar and take advantage of SunCommon’s financing so that we’re not actually spending ANY extra money to go solar but in fact we’re only going to be saving money. Every year we’ll save a little bit of money and when we’ve completed paying off the solar, we’ll have free power.”
“Which is really amazing! Going solar feels like this big thing that is out of out reach… For me I think part of it was like, “oh this solar, how are we going to afford that?” Being able to have these financing options through SunCommon is really amazing. Made it really doable. 
Adding solar panels helps complete the vision of what it means to live on the earth and from this planet.”

So, What Does It Cost To Go Solar? 

We’re all about tearing down the barriers to solar – starting with cost. Learn more about out no-upfront-cost options and sign up for a free solar home visit, so we can put together a customized solar proposal for your home. It could be the next addition to your homestead, cabin, farm or personal oasis.


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