2 Home Energy Storage Programs for Green Mountain Power Customers

Home energy storage systems, like Tesla Powerwall, can keep your lights on during electrical outages, and Green Mountain Power has two different programs to help you take advantage of this powerful technology: one where you own your batteries, and one where you lease them. Both programs are currently enrolling new members — let the experts at SunCommon help you get the most out of home energy storage with GMP!

A network of batteries throughout our communities can help ease periods of high energy demand, and, when paired with solar, can replace dirty, expensive energy with clean energy from the sun. With these two innovative programs, GMP will crowd-source power from home batteries when demand is high, helping to bring down costs for all their customers by reducing transmission and capacity expenses. In return, homeowners participating in these programs will get the peace of mind and comfort of automatic, silent back-up power.

SunCommon is Vermont’s most experienced installer of home battery systems, and we’re ready to help you see which Powerwall program is right for you!

Option 1: Lease Program

Leasing batteries from GMP gives you the benefits of backup power during an outage, while also sharing stored power with the grid during peak demand events.


  • Leasing batteries is easy and hassle free. GMP will own the double-Powerwall system and take care of all maintenance as well as pay for the removal and recycling of the batteries at the end of their useful life. GMP will also be responsible for charging your battery from the grid, ensuring you’ll have enough stored power in the event of an outage. While pairing batteries with a home solar system has its definite advantages, solar is not required — any GMP customer can sign up for this lease program.


  • You can lease a double-Powerwall system from GMP for $55 per month for ten years, or you can choose to pay $5,500 upfront. After your ten year lease term, there is an option to keep the batteries for another 5 years at no additional cost. Unlike the ownership model, leased battery systems are not eligible for the federal tax credit.

Program Status: 

  • This program is open to all qualifying GMP customers.
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Solar powered home maintains some electricity during an outage with a solar battery home energy storage solution

Option 2: Ownership, or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Program

With the BYOD program, customers own their batteries and get to choose how much stored energy to share with GMP during the “draw periods.” 


  • Because you’ll own your batteries, you’ll be eligible for a federal tax credit worth 30% of the cost (and if you pair your batteries with solar, that 30% applies to the cost of your solar system, too!). For enrolling in the program, you’ll receive an upfront payment of up to $10,500 (depending on how many batteries you enroll and how much power you choose to share) in exchange for GMP accessing your stored power. The tax credit combined with the one-time GMP payment results in the larger financial benefit for most customers, between the two programs.


  • When you sign up for the BYOD program, you are committing to grant GMP access to your stored power for 10 years. Since you own the batteries, you will be responsible for maintaining an internet connection and ensuring they are fully charged during periods of peak demand. There is also a monthly communication fee of $3.97 for participation in the program.

Program Status:

  • Open now to new member enrollment.

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…visit GMP’s website: https://greenmountainpower.com/rebates-programs/home-energy-storage/bring-your-own-device/

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