Bove’s Sauce: Made Better with Solar

Bove’s Goes Solar at their Milton, VT Facility.

The new Bove’s facility is located in Milton Vermont, where they produce all of Bove’s special variety sauces. Visitors can get a view of how the sauces are produced and can even sample the goods on production days. Also located at the facility is the new catering space, modeled to pay tribute to the original Bove’s restaurant on Pearl Street in Burlington, VT.

For three generations, the Bove Family has been serving Italian food to their community. In 1941, Bove’s Cafe opened on Pearl Street in Burlington, VT. Today, their famous sauce is made in a new (solar) facility in Milton, Vermont and distributed nationally. The new facility runs on renewable energy using solar panels from SunCommon.

About Bove’s.

Originally started as a favorite local cafe in 1941, Bove’s has been making good honest sauces and hearty Italian favorites for over 75 years. Bove’s offer a variety of their original specialty sauces, from pasta to pizza, and their frozen meatballs, and lasagna, nationwide. Bove’s produces all of their sauces at their new headquarters in Milton, VT, where not a jar goes out without a Bove family member’s approval. Their new factory still offers their famous catered recipes and events.


About the Installation

  • Solar array size 53 kW
  • Total number of solar panels 170
  • Installed in 2018

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