Vermont Candidates for the 2020 Election: It’s time to vote!

We’ve seen how important science is to managing this pandemic. And like the pandemic, what elected officials do with science will determine our collective fate on the climate crisis.  

vermont candidates for the 2020 election

Since SunCommon’s early days, we’ve invited government officials and candidates for office to meet with our employees, share their vision of a clean energy future, and hear from us about this renewable energy business, the jobs it creates, and the benefits we bring to our beloved Vermont. So, with election day 2020 quickly approaching, we invited the major candidates for Vermont Governor and Lieutenant Governor to meet (virtually, of course) with us at SunCommon. We’d like to share these visits with you.

Voting in our local and national elections is our duty to our democracy, and we hope that this information will help inform you as you weigh the candidates. And if you need help registering to vote, we put this page together with useful resources to navigate these new ways of voting, and so that you can be sure your vote is counted.

Candidates for Lieutenant Governor

Molly Gray

Molly Gray met with SunCommon employees to share her thoughts on climate change and clean energy. More of Molly Gray’s policy positions can be found at (See section on home page: “Preserving our Working Lands and Environment for Future Generations”).

Scott Milne

SunCommon contacted the Scott Milne for Lieutenant Governor campaign 5 separate times, but they  declined our offer to meet. His campaign website describes policy positions on clean transportation and energy infrastructure, with a plan for renewable energy and the environment here. (See pages 25 & 26).

scott milne vermont candidate for election

Candidates for Governor

Lieutenant Governor David Zuckerman

Lieutenant Governor Zuckerman met with SunCommon employees to share his thoughts on the climate crisis and clean energy. More of Mr. Zuckerman’s policy positions can be found at at

Governor Phil Scott

The Scott campaign also declined our offer to meet after repeated inquiries. Governor Scott did visit SunCommon in early 2019, and here’s a short video of some thoughts he shared then. Mr. Scott outlined the work his administration has taken part in to support the clean energy industry and environmental conversation here.

phil scott vermont candidate for election 2020

Now get out there and vote, like our climate depends on it.


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