Voting is climate action

2020 is an important election year. No one will argue that. We must address the global health pandemic, and we need thoughtful political leadership to ensure we move towards a just recovery. Furthermore, we can’t forget about the looming climate crisis. The decisions made this election year will have lasting effects for generations to come. 

Here’s where we currently stand:

As science continues to support urgent steps needed to address the escalating climate crisis, we’re seeing a greater portion of the U.S. population in favor of climate action (~65% want action). Unfortunately, our elected officials are not acting in line with the desires of the people. We hope that 2020 will change that. The United States is currently trailing most other developed nations when it comes to voter turnout (we’re ranked 26th). That means 2020 is a critical year. We must increase voter turnout AND vote for candidates and policies that will push climate action forward. 


Why is climate action so important?

While some politicians have already chosen to lead on addressing climate change, we’re slowly seeing more candidates step up with a plan to act on climate and support a just transition away from fossil fuels. But these candidates must be willing to do more than just support transitioning the US away from fossil fuels. Above all, we need candidates who acknowledge that our history of relying on cheap fossil fuels has disproportionately impacted lower income communities and people of color.

Research shows that black and latinx communities are exposed to over 55% more pollution than they create. Additionally, living in areas with poor air quality results in higher incidences of asthma and premature death. So, as we move towards a brighter future powered by renewable energy, we must elect officials who look at the entire system, including these inequities. We must ensure that ALL people, especially lower income and minority populations, benefit from the clean energy revolution. 

Working together for a high voter turnout and engaged electorate will ensure the best candidates are elected to address these issues and lead us forward.


So, here’s what we can do:


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1. Register to Vote & Vote Safe

New York:


Any other state: Register to vote by state

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3. Make Sure Your Community Is Voting

Have a conversation with your friends and family, or keep it simple by sharing this page:


make time to vote campaign

4. Ask Your Company To Support The “Time To Vote” Campaign

The Time to Vote movement is a non-partisan effort that demonstrates the power of what the business community can achieve when it works to address the most significant issues of our time. SunCommon signed on and hope you will too!

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5. Volunteer At The Polls On Election Day

Did you know that 58% of poll workers in the 2018 general election were over 60? We know it may feel like a scary time to be out in the world. However, if you’re young, willing, and able, consider contacting your town clerk to volunteer at your local polling place on election day. They could really use your help, especially this year.

It’s our mission to use business as a force for good.

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