Gov. Phil Scott Visits SunCommon and Calls Energy Independence A Goal For Vermont

Governor Phil Scott visited the SunCommon offices to talk about solar and energy independence.

Vermont State Governor Phil Scott visited SunCommon’s Waterbury headquarters to share his thoughts on energy independence. Over 120 SunCommon employees attended, from all departments—even our install crews came indoors for the event! Opportunities like this don’t happen every day, and we were all eager to hear from the Governor about his plan to help Vermont reach its renewable energy goals in the coming years.

During his talk, the Governor acknowledged the valuable work we do here at SunCommon and noted  our unique opportunity to bring people together around a common goal:

“Energy independence, from my perspective, is the goal. That’s where we want to be. Now I believe the climate is changing. I believe we should be doing everything we can to wean ourselves off of carbon-emitting fuels. Not everybody believes that, but [everybody] does want to save money. They want to be energy independent. So if we can agree on the goal, where we all want to go, I think we all get there together.”

– Governor Scott

The Governor also wanted to hear from us—the folks working in this industry every day. He was impressed that our company’s median age is only 32 and connected that back to his goal of bringing more young people into Vermont.

“Our Governor visited SunCommon today, to see firsthand our commitment to clean energy, economic development, and good job creation. He seemed to delight in the sea of our employees’ faces, celebrating the real benefits of re-energizing Vermont’s economy.”

– Duane Peterson, SunCommon Co-President

Phil Scott and Duane Peterson Shaking Hands at SunCommon

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