Solar needs your voice! (Yes, again)

Do you believe in a future powered by clean, local renewable energy? Vermont’s Public Utility Commission (PUC) is once again reviewing our state’s net metering policy and needs to hear from you. Help us send the message to the PUC that they must oppose dropping our state’s only solar incentive and instead increase it, as well as support the addition of new solar in preferred sites such as parking lot canopies.

The public comment period ends Monday, April 25. We’ve made it easy for you to send an email directly to the PUC — scroll down to read some sample messaging, choose the one that speaks to you, and send it in.

Some Extra Context:

Over the last 6 years, the PUC has repeatedly chosen to reduce Vermont’s only solar incentive, leading to a dramatic drop in annual solar installed and the loss of over 600 local solar jobs since 2019. There’s a lot at stake for the health of solar in Vermont, and now is not the time for further reductions.

Despite these facts, the Governor’s office is continuing to recommend a further reduction to the solar incentive just as they have in past years. The impact of this incentive decrease would be compounded by the national challenges imposed by inflation, and supply chain constraints increasing equipment costs. This is in addition to an expected drop in the federal solar tax credit in 2023, and a proposed expansion of a solar tariff that was imposed by the previous administration.

This is all occurring at a moment when we need to accelerate clean energy installations to address the climate crisis, NOT slow down. Our state solar incentive helps keep solar affordable for all Vermonters and continues progress towards our clean energy goals. We are also asking that the PUC expand the “preferred siting incentive” to support larger solar systems in the built environment, such as parking lot canopies.

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Ready to take action?

Step 1: Check out the three messages below, and decide which one resonates with you.

Step 2: Click the big orange “Email the PUC” button to open an email with this message to the PUC Clerk.

Step 3: Adjust the message by adding your personal story to increase the impact.

Step 4: Click send, then share this page with your friends in the community!

If our links don’t work for you, just copy and paste the text into an email, and send it to, with subject line: Comments on case Case No. 22-0334-INV

Message #1: “Our climate crisis demands urgent action and solar is one of the solutions”

subject: Comments on Case No. 22-0334-INV


To the Public Utility Commission:

I am writing today urging you to remove the negative solar adder, adding a penny to the current rate, not removing one.

Scientists from around the world continue to sound the alarm bells that climate change is creating unprecedented risk to life around the world. The most recent IPCC report specifically says solar power and other renewable energy have to continue to be supported by governments in order to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. I believe that we have an obligation to swiftly transition to an electric grid powered entirely by local renewable energy. Everyone should be able to choose solar and do their part to address the climate crisis.

I am already seeing the impacts of climate change – less snow, more rain, and more extreme weather events impacting communities around the state and the world. This is not the time for slow action. We need to accelerate our electric grid’s transition to 100% renewable energy.

<your name>

Message #2: “Solar for Every Vermonter”

subject: Comments on Case No. 22-0334-INV


To the Public Utility Commission:

I oppose this recommendation to drop the value of the solar adder once again. Any Vermonter should be able to take advantage of solar – at home or at their business – and this recommended change would make that harder.

Year after year, the state of Vermont has continued to make it harder for Vermonters to go solar, not easier as it should be. In addition to these state incentive reductions, the federal government has also been dropping its important tax credit. This has all resulted in fewer people taking advantage of solar, and fewer clean energy jobs being created. We need to be creating more programs to help more people take advantage of solar, not the other way around. Please do the right thing.

I urge you to remove the negative solar adder by adding a penny to the program, not removing it as recommended. Give everyday Vermonters a chance to own their own power generation and keep their energy dollars local.

<your name>

Message #3: “The solar industry creates jobs and economic growth in our state

subject: Comments on Case No. 22-0334-INV


To the Public Utility Commission:

I am writing today urging you to hold the solar adder steady.

The clean energy industry currently provides roughly 18,000 people – especially young people – with well paying and skilled jobs. I oppose the recommendation to reduce the adder that would impact these jobs, the businesses that operate here, and the revenue this industry creates for Vermont. Every job is important in our small state. Knowingly changing policy that would lead to continued job loss and hurt our local economy is unacceptable in my opinion.

It is time to move into the 21st century and acknowledge that the utility grid needs to adapt to new technologies and support this growing clean energy economy.

<your name>


Who is the Public Utilities Commission (PUC)?

The Public Utility Commission is an independent, three-member, quasi-judicial commission that regulates the siting of electric and natural gas infrastructure and supervises the rates, quality of service, and overall financial management of Vermont’s public utilities.

What will happen after I send an email?

The PUC will receive it to review it as they consider their final ruling.

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