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Supports Pollinators.

As a mission-driven company, we’re always looking for opportunities to increase our positive impact. Sure, replacing unused land with a Community Solar Array (CSA) benefits the planet and people who want clean power. But why stop there?

Our CSA offers a ton of space for plants that can support pollinators, such as butterflies, bees and hummingbirds that live in the area, which means a stronger ecosystem in general. We worked closely with local ecology experts to choose seeds of native species that will benefit the ecosystem we’re working in.

On June 1 we hosted our customers and community members to join us at the Pointe of Praise CSA in beautifying the clean power site. We planted over fifteen species of native plants that will attract our ever important pollinators. We were joined by Emily from Hudson Valley Bee Habitat who taught us about the importance of bees.  

CSA Customer Plants Pollinator Friendly Wildflowers

Did you know that bees contribute over $20 billion (yes, BILLION) to US crop production. Bees play a role in nearly all food production – even meat and dairy! Our cattle needs barley and alfalfa to eat, which the bees pollinate. Without bees and our other pollinator friends, human diets would be very different. Learn more about bees.

SunCommon is proud to provide a home for these indispensable creatures at our solar arrays. The pollinators support our local farmers, and in turn the local economy, all while producing clean energy for your friends and neighbors. Knowing and understanding where your energy comes from is important and unlike other types of power generating facilities, SunCommon’s solar arrays can have a net positive impact on the local ecosystem!

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and Agriculture and Markets also shares a commitment to promoting the health and recovery of the state’s pollinator population. National Pollinator Week is June 17 to 23 and in commemoration, Governor Cuomo has issued a proclamation in support of the state’s pollinator population.

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