Promoting Local Pollinators with Community Solar

Community Solar is Helping Local Pollinators

The new Community Solar Array at the Orange County Citizens Foundation will help approximately 60 homes go solar. However, the Citizens Foundation solar array does more than just generate clean energy. Come springtime, the array will also host wildflower plantings that support our ever-important pollinator friends.

What are pollinators and why do we need them?

Bees, butterflies, moths, and hummingbirds are just a few types of the many pollinators you might find in your backyard. At our Citizens Foundation CSA groundbreaking event, we spoke with a local ecologist to get the scoop on why these small creatures play such a big role in our local ecosystem.


“Pollinators are declining across the world right now for various reasons: Habitat loss (which also means losing the plants pollinators need to survive), chemicals, and pollution. SunCommon’s Community Solar Array, with native plants around the solar panels, is going to help the pollinator population in the area. This is really important for local farmers who are trying to grow crops that require pollination. Whether it’s the honey bee or another native bee that pollinates the crops, including foods like cucumbers and tomatoes, these wildflowers will help support those native bee populations.”

-Linda Rohleder, Local Ecologist

You Can Go Solar and Support Pollinators By Joining The Citizen’s Foundation Array. 

Want to learn more about this amazing project?

Discover how Community Solar works, how to become a member of the Citizens Foundation project, and more!


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