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Lowland Farm: Sustainable Solar Meets Responsibly Raised Animals

The beautiful Lowland Farm is a mixture of rolling upland pastures and woods, and bottom land (“lowland”) along Pochuck Creek, part of the Walkill River system, which flows north into the Hudson River. The property is bordered by a large area of undeveloped land that stretches south to the Appalachian Trail and Wawayanda Park, which is home to a variety of wildlife.

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A strong commitment to sustainability is evident in their approach:

  • Rotational grazing keeps animals healthy, minimizes the need for tillage, and lowers the risk of erosion for the Pochuck Creek
  • Fencing cows, sheep, and pigs back from streams and wetlands helps protect these important resources
  • And, our favorite, installing solar panels helps protect Mother Earth!


Lowland Farm’s solar installation will reduce the environmental impact of the property by 465 tons of Carbon Dioxide over the next 25 years. That’s the equivalent of:

  • Taking 100 cars off the road for one year OR
  • Switching out 15,562 incandescent lightbulbs for LED lightbulbs OR
  • Powering 70 individual homes for one full year!

About the Installation

  • Number of panels 59
  • System size 19.29 kW
  • Total production 24,425 kilowatt-hours annually
Lowland Farm Solar Installation Orange County New York
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About Lowland Farm

Lowland Farm raises their animals responsibly, meaning they graze the land in a sustainable fashion. The cows, sheep, and pigs are not crowded into feedlots, and they do not need, nor receive, antibiotics.  They grow naturally, free of disturbances and growth-promoting hormones.

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