Faces of SunCommon NY: Meet John

It’s about that time again, a chance for you to get to know who we are and the source of our pride – we’re so proud of our family here at SunCommon NY. This week, on our Faces of SunCommon NY blog series, meet John Bopp, Solar Guide at SunCommon NY.

Q: Why should people care about clean/solar energy?

A: “Not caring about clean energy is tantamount to not caring about your home or the place you live. To continuously utilize forms of energy production that have been proven harmful, not only to our environment, but to ourselves as a species would eventually devastate both. By not exploring and fully promoting cleaner, less impactful renewable energy systems now, we are sentencing ourselves to a continuing and worsening future of increasing energy costs, energy conserving rolling blackouts, and environmental destruction on scales never before seen in human history.

People should care about clean energy because they truly care about where they live, and about those whom they live with, and their neighbors, and their towns and cities, and promoting a cleaner brighter future for all of those things.

Q: What impact do you hope to have on the community by working at SunCommon NY?

A: “I hope to impact the community by being a beacon of light shining through the grim darkness of an energy hungry, pollution-choked future to offer alternative clean energy options for those in need. We are not the heroes the current fossil fuel energy industry needs, but we will be the heroes our future energy industry deserves.”

Q: What drives you to come into work each morning?

A: “There’s an awesome sense of satisfaction and overall accomplishment at the end of my work days here at SunCommon NY, far more than I had ever experienced in my many long years of retail management. Being able to help customers, the utilities, and most importantly, the Earth is a trifecta of motivation which makes coming into work in the morning something to look forward to.

It’s the waking up part that’s sometimes difficult.”

Q: Fun fact. Go!

A: “I once milked a mighty bovine with local rock star meteorologist & former WHEC-10 weatherman Kevin Williams at the Monroe County Fair. We came in last place in the milking contest with only two tablespoons.”

Thank you to John for letting us pick his brain and for sharing a little bit about himself. Have we mentioned we love our team?!


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