A Guide to Your GMP Bill with Solar

You’re a new member of a Community Solar Array! Here’s how to interpret your Green Mountain Power bill with solar credit…

Solar credit will appear on the first and second pages of your GMP bill.

Your total solar generation in kilowatt-hours (kWh) for each billing cycle will appear on the first page of the bill here:

On the second page of your bill, there are two or three line items that when totaled, equal the dollar value of the solar generation (the number of line items will depend on which CSA you are a member of):

Total KWH Consumed​ – Electricity consumed each month appears here and on the first page of your bill and is charged at GMP’s per kWh residential rate. This charge can be offset with solar credit. You will be billed for net consumption if it is higher than solar generation.

Total KWH Excess Credit @ $-0.XXX ​- Depending on your array, you receive either GMP’s residential rate or the statewide blended rate for the full amount of solar kWHs generated from your CSA membership.

Solar Incentive KWH @ $-0.XXX ​- You also receive the Solar Incentive for each kWh earned from your CSA membership. The value of the incentive depends on your array.

Customer charges ​- GMP charges monthly fees to all electric customers whether or not they are CSA members including the Customer Charge, Energy Efficiency Charge, and Electric Assistance Program Fee charge. Depending on your array, these charges may or may not be eligible to be offset by solar credit. If they are non-bypassable charges they ​will appear in green​.

Solar production varies month-to-month.

CSA members have a predictable,
fixed monthly payment through the ups and downs.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we’re the solar experts, not a utility. GMP is still your utility and still supplies your home with electricity as well as servicing your utility lines. What we do is send the electricity from your community array to GMP, who then attributes solar credits to you on your bill in return. You will still receive a statement from GMP each month.

Yes, please continue to pay your bill to GMP. Your CSA membership pays for solar credits. GMP still tracks your home’s electric usage and bills you for that amount each month. By investing in a CSA you are earning solar credits that GMP will deduct from the amount of your monthly bill. You’ll always need to pay any remaining balances, if any, to GMP.

Your membership awards you the credits from a portion of the array’s energy production based on your membership level. Your bills to SunCommon are consistent each month but your monthly credits​ ​vary due to the time of year and length of day. You will see higher credits in the summer’s longer days, with a monetary value higher than your monthly CSA membership payment. During the winter’s shorter days, your solar credits may dip below this payment. The way it should work is for the spring, summer and fall credit overages to carry forward to help offset the lower production in winter.

You may request an adjustment in your membership share to accommodate your increased or decreased electricity usage and can also take it with you if you move within the GMP service area. Please be in touch if you think you need to make an adjustment and we can walk through all of the details, but know that any adjustment is subject to a change fee (per your contract) and may require you to sign a new agreement.

For more information, visit mysuncommon.com or
call the SunCommon Customer Support Team at 802-882-8685


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