A Guide to Your Central Hudson Bill with Solar

You’ve gone solar! Here’s how to interpret your Central Hudson bill with solar…

Solar credit will appear on the first and third pages of your Central Hudson bill.

Bill Summary – page 1

Please note that the “Billing Adjustments” line item may encompass more than just solar credit if there are additional adjustments made to your bill. To see the exact amount of solar credit applied to your bill in a given bill cycle, please see the bottom of page 3.

Payments and Adjustments – page 3

Banked Solar Credit

In months when the value of your solar credit exceeds the sum of your supply and delivery charges, Central Hudson keeps track of any solar credit that is banked on your account. This does not appear on your bill but can be viewed at your Central Hudson account online.


My bill doesn’t look like this.

Utility companies can change how this information appears, so if your bill doesn’t look like these examples, don’t worry. Give us a call and we’ll help you figure it out.

Solar production varies month-to-month.

CSA members have a predictable,
fixed monthly payment through the ups and downs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any kWh electricity supply and delivery charges can be covered by CDG credits, including the Basic Service Charge.

On page 2 of your bill, look for the line item “Electricity Used (kWh)”:


Your billing cycle will not change. Members of the same community solar array (CSA) bill at different times throughout the month based on Central Hudson’s meter read routes by location.

There’s a bit of a delay. ​Central Hudson will show the solar credits produced by your portion of the array 60-90 days after the project is turned on. ​Keep in mind when reviewing your Central Hudson statements that the CSA is on a different meter reading cycle than your Central Hudson bills. Because of this, your usage period and the solar generation period will not perfectly align and solar credit displayed on your bill may be the previous month’s solar generation.

Even if you receive your electric supply from an energy supply company (ESCO), the solar generation will always be valued based on the value stack rates. You can view your ESCO’s supply rate on page 3 of your bill. If in a given month, Central Hudson’s supply rate is below your ESCO’s rate, you will need more solar credit to offset your supply charges. You can view Central Hudson’s current supply charges on their website:

You are eligible to remain on budget billing. When you start receiving credits from the CSA you will continue to be billed the same budget billing amount. As usage/generation credit history is built, the budget will be adjusted accordingly at the end of a budget period.

If you have questions about how to read the rest of your bill call Central Hudson at 1-845-452-2700 or 1-800-527-2714​.


For more information, visit mysuncommon.com or
call the SunCommon Customer Support Team at 802-882-8685


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