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A guide to solar for builders and architects.

Some of your clients already know they want solar. Others have no idea how much money they can save with renewable energy. Partner with SunCommon to add solar to your next new home build and make your clients’ green dreams come true.

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  • Increase home value without any additional work for you
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors
  • Transition your company to the green movement 
  • Appeal to bill conscious and environmental customers alike
  • Offer new energy storage technology, Tesla Powerwall
  • Homes with solar appraise higher and sell faster
  • 15 years of local expertise
  • 6,000+ solar jobs completed
  • Dedicated project manager to ensure timely completion
  • Trust our workmanship as a NYSERDA designated Quality Installer 
  • 25-year panel and 10-year workmanship warranties
  • Outstanding customer service 
  • Digital and printed resources for you and your clients
  • Competitive pricing and a variety of products to fit your project needs
  • An average sized home will need about 200 square feet for panels, either on the roof or ground.
  • The panels should face south, though southeast and southwest orientations are okay.
  • Avoid nearby trees and obstructions (General rule of thumb: if a tree could fall down and hit the panels, it’s close enough to shade them).
  • If placing panels on a roof avoid vents, dormers, and other obstructions on the south facing roof.
  • Panels will connect to an inverter that will change the PV electricity from DC to AC from the homes use. This equipment is ideally sited no more than 200’ from the panels. 
  • A dry, blank 8’x10’ area on a wall in the basement is ideal for inverters and other interconnection equipment. Avoid overhead water or drainage pipes if at all possible.
  • Leave room in your main service panel for at least a 40 amp breaker. 

Contact us in as soon as you know you want solar as part of your build; we can give advice specifically for your design and include extra planning details like hidden conduit runs in walls.

  • We’ll measure your roof from plans or construction in progress.
  • We’ll design a system and sign a contract.
  • We’ll install conduit and pull wires as part of your rough in.
  • We’ll install panels as soon as the roof is complete.
  • We’ll start the system once the house is grid-connected.

We take care of all design, permitting, install, and inspections.

What We Offer:

Roof-Mounted Solar


Ground-Mounted Solar


Solar Canopy


Tesla Powerwall Home Energy Storage


Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers


Solar Math Made Simple:

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Vermont Incentives:

Ready to Add Solar to Your Next Project?

1. Contact us to review your project specifications

2. We’ll provide a quote and prepare the contract (we can set up billing with you or with your client, whichever works best for you)

3. You’ll be partnered with a Project Manager who will coordinate site visits, procurement, permitting and installation

4. We’ll work with your schedule for the rough-in and roof work

5. Once the project is complete, we’ll coordinate an on-site visit with your client to provide an overview of their new solar system

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“My dad is somewhat of an old school construction guy and he likes to build things for a reasonable price, which we thrive on. Once we sat down with our accountant, and looked at some of the tax benefits we could tap into utilizing solar, it was a no brainer for my dad.”

— Jed Dousevicz, Dousevicz Inc.

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