Addison Eagle: A new working landscape in Vermont

Letter to the Editor: A new working landscape in Vermont

When I moved to Vermont years ago I knew I needed to find a way to affordably heat my Leicester home. At the time fuel oil was my only option but just recently I learned of this virtuous combination of having a heat pump and solar panels heat your home. I love the idea that these two work together to create renewable heating. The affordability of solar heat was enticing but more than anything I wanted a way to reduce my carbon footprint, to help reduce my contribution to climate change. But, my plan hit a snag. My home is too shaded for solar.

I needed a community solar option, a landowner with space and sunshine willing to host. As a member of SunCommon’s community array in Waltham I’m able to achieve my goals. Solar is a tried and true technology, and SunCommon has made it affordable for so many more people by eliminating upfront capital outlays.

While not every parcel of land is suitable for a solar array, many parts of our landscape are. To halt the forward movement of these arrays would be a big step backwards. Change in our landscape is inevitable – we’ve seen it before with the introduction of electricity and telephone service, but this is a change that furthers our working landscape with clean, green technology.

Kate Williams

SunCommon Community Solar Array member



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