Why We Need Climate Action Now

It’s 2020, here’s what we need to do in 10 years to make massive change

2020 means we’re only 10 years away from 2030, by which time we’re supposed to have accomplished a lot climate wise! Have you thought about all the reasons for changing the status quo besides climate change?

We’re currently on track for 3 °C warming by 2100. Just a 1.5 °C increase will destroy 70-90% of coral reefs, dramatically change regional climates, and accelerate water shortages in vulnerable regions and sea level rise. 

At a certain point, global warming will set off irreversible positive feedback loops. For example, the more the ice sheets melt, the less heat they can reflect away from the planet. In contrast, the ocean absorbs heat, meaning as Arctic sea ice disappears, there is more ocean available to warm the planet. 

But it’s not just about the climate.

Our current agricultural, waste management, and energy production practices are not sustainable. 

We should stop burning fossil fuels because they contribute to the climate crisis. They are also responsible for almost all air pollution, causing health problems in communities around the world. 

Fracking for natural gas is proven to be harmful to the environment, people, and freshwater resources, so shutting down natural gas pipelines is a critical part of addressing the climate crisis.




Everyone has the right to a healthy environment and a brighter future. By installing solar with a local company, you are creating jobs and generating clean energy right here in your community.

Do your part to fight climate change. 

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