Are solar panels a good investment?

When doing nothing costs.

We all know the best practices for managing – and minimizing – debt. Pay off any credit cards each month; put a little extra toward the mortgage to pay down that principal; get rid of any lingering student loans.

But, what about those monthly bills that don’t have loan terms and end dates – like the electric bill? We probably don’t think of it as debt. Still, that bill comes every month. A perpetual obligation.

Utility payments just keep going up, every year, graph

The Cost of Electricity

It’s amazing how it adds up

Have you ever asked yourself how much money is spent on electricity every year?

Most Vermonters tell us they spend $100-150/month on their utility bill. That’s $1500/year on electricity. How much are you spending over the course of 5, 10, 20 years as rates slowly, but steadily, rise?

While you crunch those numbers consider this: you’re never getting that money back. Ever.

Here’s an idea: rather than pay for electricity in perpetuity, wouldn’t it be nice if your monthly power bill was going toward something you get to own?

The Cost of Solar

Taking control of your energy spending

Solar offers homeowners the ability to own their energy. By generating solar power at home, you are achieving both energy and financial independence.

Many finance their solar systems, effectively switching their monthly power expense from the utility bill to their solar payment for the period of the loan. Others are able to pay for their solar upfront. Either way, solar brings savings and predictability. Plus, investing your energy dollars in an asset for your home is simply a smarter way to spend them. Your perpetual debt can be replaced with perpetual power.

 So, are solar panels a good investment? We think so…

Solar vs Utility Payment graph for blog

Cost of SunCommon Solar

We believe that everyone has the right to a healthy environment and safer world – and clean energy is where it starts. Energy from the sun can power our lives, heat our homes, and fuel our cars. Our mission is to tear down the barriers to renewable energy. We do that by making it easy and affordable for everyone to go solar.

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We are working to re-power New York and Vermont with clean energy one home, one business and one community at a time. We do that by offering no upfront cost, low interest financing with Vermont’s local credit union, VSECU. While solar isn’t new, it’s likely new to you. So, we’re here to help you make a smart financial decision for your future. From the design, to the financing, to flipping the switch on your very own home solar system, our team is with you every step of the way. It’s the neighborly thing to do.

Are solar panels a good investment? Yes.

How do we make going solar affordable? No matter what solution works best for you, the cost is a lot less than you think.


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