Solar Reflections for 2014

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Charity, our New Product Development Manager, is honored with a crown and golden flashlight for being the Queen of CSA!

Every Monday our entire solar circus gathers for a morning meeting. Wait! I know. This sounds like the worst possible way to start a work week, right? We run our show a bit differently around here. Our Mondays are a time for us to ease into the week and we kick it off with our personal reflections. One by one we share moments from our lives, whether that be a detailed account of the weekend shenanigans or a deeply personal share about an ill family member. We’ve laughed and cried and because of that we’ve developed strong, meaningful bonds that extend beyond this office. We share these stories to support each other. We work with people, after all, and our Monday morning reflections are a strong reminder of that.

Our meetings are an opportunity for us to share what’s working and what’s not. We review our metrics and financials in true open book fashion and discuss company developments as they happen. Our financial and personal mindfulness is an important part of our BCorp-ness. We work and grow together as a team. We’ve had a lot to celebrate this past year, but today was extraordinary. Today we celebrated the completion of our seventh Community Solar Array! Wow. This growing company hustled to make deadlines and move as many people into the solar system before the end of the year. While we work as a team there were a few notable members that were instrumental in making this historic day happen. Charity Carbine-March (New Product Development Manager), Bryan Carroll (Community Solar Coordinator) and Tim Roper (Director of Sales) were honored with our kind of accolades: pipe cleaner tiaras, a golden wrench and a cow cape. Respectively.

20150105 monday morning meeting-004_web

Tim Roper, Director of Sales, is fit with his cow cape after a stellar month of record-breaking sales.

We officially launched this new program just a few months ago in October and here we are with seven completed arrays serving a couple hundred Vermonters. Our CSA members join the 1,000 solar households we’ve helped since we launched in 2012, but unlike our first 1,000 homes, our CSA members live in homes that aren’t a great fit for solar. Whether they’re shaded by trees or have a roofline that isn’t optimal for solar, our CSA members are people that couldn’t access solar until the Community Solar program was created. And that’s why we built it. We hated saying no to people jazzed about getting in on solar – so we created a solution.

Bryan Carroll, Community Solar Coordinator, receives his golden wrench for an unbelievable CSA success story!

Bryan Carroll, Community Solar Coordinator, receives his golden wrench for an unbelievable CSA success story!

Our company has grown – doubled(!) – in the past year and that growth is a result of this beautiful state embracing a clean, green technology. Vermonters have raised their hands and want to go solar. We’re honored and humbled every day to be able to do just that.

Thank you everyone for a wonderful 2014. Here’s to a sunny New Year!





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