Commercial Construction Manager

The SunCommon commercial team is focused on bringing solar options to Vermont businesses, both large and small

After studying climate science as a graduate student, Bryan decided to dedicate his professional life to discovering and implementing solutions to mitigate the changing climate. Through dedication to this cause, Bryan has held a variety of supervisory, project management, and operations management positions for solar companies in New England, Colorado, and the Caribbean.

In the early 2000s, Bryan led the construction of some of Vermont’s largest commercial solar arrays, and he will forever be an advocate for sustainable, clean, renewable energy solutions that make sense for both the client and environment. He enjoys coordinating SunCommon’s commercial solar program while playing a role in helping all Vermonters gain access to the benefits of solar energy.

When not in the office, Bryan spends 100% of his time with his wife, their young daughter and their rambunctious beagle.

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