Want to increase the value of your home? Go solar.

Here are the numbers.

Two Million (2,000,000). That’s the number of homes that are now powered by the sun.

We’re thrilled to play our part in this rapidly growing local market—that is also a market solution to climate change. We’re installing solar at a pace of 24 homes every week, and not a day goes by that we aren’t all kinds of grateful to help people go solar easily and affordably at home.

But it’s easy to overlook all the practical benefits of solar. Yeah, you’re gonna zero out your electricity costs with nothing but renewable energy drawn from our brilliant sun. And yeah, you’re gonna contribute to a reduced carbon footprint that ensures future generations get to enjoy the environment just like we do.

But guess what? You’re also going to increase the value of your home.

More solar installations than any other installer in the area

Twenty six thousand ($26,000). That’s the average value our solar systems add to a home.

No, that wasn’t a record scratch—you read it right! Going solar impacts the value of your home, and we’re talking an up-and-to-the-right effect. Three independent studies have confirmed that solar increases the value of your home. Going solar means your home will sell at a premium with an average home value increase of $26,000!

Since our solar panels carry a 25-year warranty and will continue to produce power long after that, you better believe solar carries a value no matter when you decide to sell your home. When you install granite kitchen counters or fancy bathrooms, you’ll get back just a fraction of your investment at resale.  But folks who go solar get paid back in full when they sell their house.

Today’s homebuyers are increasingly seeking out solar, and local real estate agents can vouch. Here’s Susan Zak from Four Seasons Vermont/Sotheby’s Real Estate:

The market is seeing more solar homes as solar becomes a common way to power homes. Buyers are increasingly excited if there is a new solar system installed at a property.
Susan ZakFour Seasons Vermont/Sotheby’s Real Estate

Going solar now means you’ll have what a future homebuyer wants and needs.

Solar is no longer a niche market. It’s a growing housing trend here in the Northeast and it’s creating competitive real estate opportunities for homeowners. In 2016, America’s millionth solar system was installed. Three years later, in 2019, we reached two million. Yep, that means there are more than 2,000,000 solar systems in the U.S., and counting. What we’re looking at here is the exponential progression from niche to necessity.

Ready to speak with an expert about increasing your home’s value with solar?

VT Solar Home | Barre Town

Selling your home faster

Still not convinced solar will add value to your home? Let’s get down to it.

Solar homes sell 17% faster. Meaning when you’re harnessing the power of the sun, you’ve got a hot cake of a home on your hands. If you’re going to do any home improvement project, studies show that solar shows the best return on investment – hands down.

But don’t just take our word for it—here are some testimonials from our customers:

We listed our home higher than the competitive market analysis and it sold quickly. To be under contract within a week certainly surprised us. Solar was definitely a selling point. Not having to pay an electric bill is pretty valuable! Our realtor was shocked we sold at full ask, and so quickly. I’d sell a solar home again!
Laurie FrancisSolar homeowner

We’re Here to Help You Buy or Sell Your Solar Home

We are dedicated to helping existing and prospective SunCommon solar homeowners understand the value of their solar and their ability to market it at resale. We’ve created a great guide to selling your solar home – useful for solar homeowners and realtors alike – check it out here. 

We’re actively building new tools and resources for our solar homeowners, so connect with us anytime—we look forward to hearing from you. Our mission is to repower our state with clean energy, so we strive to do all that we can to make the experience great for you!

“Does solar help sell a home? Does solar increase home value? For most, a resounding yes!”

– Clayton Paul Cormier, Maple Sweet Real Estate

Over the past few years, I made a ton of changes to my home to make it more efficient and sustainable — solar panels, heat pumps, weatherization, new windows, you name it. At the time, I wasn't planning on moving and so did all of the upgrades knowing that they'd pay off over time. As it turns out, life changes and I was ready to move faster than I'd planned! I put the house on the market, hoping to get value for all that I’d invested in the house but not sure if buyers would agree. Much to my surprise, I had multiple interested buyers and accepted an offer within 1 week! The buyers knew they wanted an environmental and efficient home, and they were prepared to do the upgrades themselves; finding a home that already had solar and the other work was perfect for them! I knew that my efficiency upgrades would pay for themselves over time. What I didn’t expect, but was very happily surprised to find, was that they also paid for themselves in resale value.
Sivan CotelStonecutter Spirits

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