Heat Pumps with a Newborn in Georgia, Vermont

baby under solar canopy in vermont

Meet the Beckers!

Eric and Miranda Becker live in Georgia, VT. A primary school principal and a high school English teacher, respectively, they are also parents to this little ray of sunshine!

Although their solar canopy has been the star of the show since Summer 2017 – “We’ve had so many people knock on the door and ask about it!” – the Beckers have come to rely on an equally important piece of solar-powered equipment that isn’t visible from the road…

Introducing: Heat Pumps

For the Becker family, their two heat pumps have become an integral part of their home.

The smart technology behind heat pumps keeps their home consistently warm and cozy throughout the winter — and dry and cool all summer long. Allergens and dust are filtered out as the heated or cooled air is circulated through the house. Clean, quiet, and reliable… What more could you ask for when it comes to personal comfort?

family with heat pump in vermont
Basically the sun is powering our entire house! Sun up to sun down, the canopy is making electricity. We run two heat pumps off of it, they’re just so great.
Eric BeckerGeorgia, VT
This worked out really well, especially with the newborn, whose body temperature gets super hot or super cold really easily. With forced hot air, you crank it, it goes, and then it finds its way out of the house quickly.
Miranda BeckerGeorgia, VT
family under solar power canopy in vermont

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