Plastic-Free July is a global movement you can join to help reduce and prevent plastic pollution.

Climate change is a huge, urgent problem, but our planet is also suffering in other ways — plastic is slowly but surely filling our landfills and oceans, harming wildlife and leaching into our foodchain. Additionally, plastic is derived from fossil fuels, and its production contributes to a variety of environmental problems.

At SunCommon, we believe that everyone has the right to a healthy environment, and renewable energy is where it starts— but not where it ends. Every day we’re adding more and more clean energy systems to our electric infrastructure, combating rising CO2 levels. But our vision for a brighter future doesn’t stop there. That’s why this month we are dedicating our efforts to conversations about how all of us can reduce our waste from single-use plastics.

The Five R's of Zero Waste Living

How You Can Go Plastic Free

Vermont and New York both recently passed legislation restricting single-use plastics, which means that necessary shifts in policy are coming. But we know it can also be hard to make shifts in our personal lives to use less — or zero — plastic, since so much of our culture and economy is currently built around its consumption. Fortunately, more and more companies these days are creating plastic-free alternatives, and it’s easier than ever to participate in the movement.

Check out our Plastic Free July blog posts and local events at the links below – we’ll be adding more throughout the month, so keep checking back. You can also visit the official Plastic Free July website for even more resources, tips & tricks, and to make a commitment to the plastic-free challenge. 

Also, we’d love for you to share your own ideas! Hit us up on Facebook or Instagram, and let us know how you’re using less plastic these days.

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