Meet James Moore!

James Moore is one of two co-founders of SunCommon. We thought you might enjoy learning a little more about him.

How did your past experience lead you to start your own company?

I’ve worked on environmental issues for a long time. Almost all of that work was focused on cleaning up or retiring coal power plants or old nukes and promoting clean energy policy. Honestly, I always enjoyed the clean energy work the most. I think if we are going to leave our kids with a healthy planet we need businesses to step it up and drive a clean energy transition for our economy. Then I met Duane. He’s a great friend and was the perfect partner to launch this great adventure with.

You’ve been working your butt off scoping this company, how do you feel now that SunCommon is off and running?

I love it! Seriously, I am having the time of my life. Or staff is incredible and it is fun to go to the office every day.

What excites you MOST about SunCommon’s mission?

VOLUME. We are helping a lot of Vermonters be part of a growing clean energy economy.

You just had a new baby boy!  And launched a new business!  How’s that going?!
James and William Moore

William is amazing. I love him beyond belief and am super grateful that he loves to sleep like his dad. My wife Mia has also been incredibly supportive so that makes it all a little easier to manage, but it is a little crazy.

What is your favorite appliance/tool to power up?

The stove. I really like to cook!

Have any more questions for James?!  Ask away!





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