Sustainable Living in Saratoga Springs at State Park

5 Easy Ways Toward More Sustainable Living in Saratoga

Let’s face it: thinking about climate change can get overwhelming really quickly. The world is an enormous place, and the degree to which humans (especially industry) negatively impact the environment can feel beyond our control.

If you’re thinking, “How can one person make any kind of difference, even if I really want to?” It’s true, you personally probably won’t. But once you shift the mindset from “I” to “we,” everything changes.

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Take this blog, for instance. You’re not the only person reading it, and as the headline suggests, we’re going to give you some simple but useful ideas for more sustainable living in Saratoga. If you then share those ideas, they’ll spread further into the community. And if enough people embrace them, and share them again and again, we can truly help build a brighter future all together.

Top 5 Ways Toward More Sustainable Living in Saratoga:

cdphp bike program in saratoga

1. Get on Board with Bikes

Have you heard about the CDPHP bicycle sharing program in the Capital Region? There are more than 400 bikes available at over 80 stations across Saratoga Springs, Albany, Schenectady, Cohoes and Troy. It’s a fun, earth-friendly, convenient way to get around, and it’s earth-friendly!

2. Tap Our Springs

We all know that Saratoga is known for its amazing spring water. Why not enjoy it at home by bringing empty bottles to Saratoga Spa State Park’s filling station? Kicking store-bought water to the curb saves you money, not to mention major energy costs and plastic waste. Different springs contain different minerals (and, some say, healing properties!), so do a little research ahead of time to find one that appeals to you. 

saratoga springs people filling water sustainably
pitney meadows farm in saratoga springs ny is going solar with suncommon

3. Dig into a CSA

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) isn’t just good for you and your family, it’s a great way to sustain our local farmers. Pitney Meadows Community Farm offers a Pick-Your-Own CSA that gives you hands-on access to great produce all growing season long.

4. Where’s Your Compost Bin?

Composting your food scraps requires little effort a big difference in reducing the amount of methane-gas-contributing waste in our landfills. Check out Sustainable Saratoga to get started composting!

saratoga hybrid cab service

5. All Hail the Hybrid Cab

Sometimes you just need a lift, so when cab service is required, opt for a cleaner, greener fleet. Saratoga Hybrid Cab serves the Capital Region with local taxi and airport service using fuel-efficient, gas-electric hybrid vehicles.

Small changes (like composting) and bigger changes (like going solar) are both important, even if they seem like small drops compared to the tidal wave we need to address climate change. Not only do all these small drops add up, they also make a statement to others that the time is now to pool our efforts and make a bigger impact.

Just how big is your carbon footprint?

See for yourself:

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