Tools for Realtors Who Are Selling a Solar Home

Tools for Realtors Who Are Selling a Solar Home

Selling a solar home is pretty straight forward, but we are here to make it even easier.

Here’s a Selling a Solar Home Check List developed by our team in conjunction with Vermont realtors to help guide you through selling a solar home!


Next, insure competent appraisers are hired – What can you do, you ask?

  1. Attach supporting documents to MLS listings
  2. Provide documentation to the lender through a lender letter and the Residential Green Home Addendum (see below)
  3. While talking to an appraiser, don’t be afraid to as, ”Do you have experience in appraising a home with solar? What training do you have?” If they have none, reach out to the lender, cancel the visit and ask for a competent appraisal in this property type.


While the appraiser is there, be there too! You and the homeowner are able to be resources to the builder, broker, agent and seller. You can provide valuable information to the appraiser with all the documents you have provided! Yes, appraisers can’t be pressured by a load officer or others involved while arrive at a value conclusion, but you can help provide the facts!


Forms & Tools for Buyers/Sellers:

  • PV Value Tool
    • The PV value tool can be used by appraisers, homeowners and real estate professionals alike to get an accurate valuation of a home solar system. There are number of system details that you should know and other metrics where a default can be used and not significantly impact the stated value.
  • Residential Green & Energy Efficient Addendum

This is a form that can be filled out by the homeowner or certified contractor to report all relevant home performance upgrades, including solar system specifications. This can support the appraiser in making a fair valuation of the home.

This document acts as a guideline for communication strategies between buyers and lenders to ensure proper valuation for a home that has performance features. This document also holds the descriptions from the FHA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac Guidelines.

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