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You guys made it really easy. We had one meeting and some initial paperwork and you took care of the rest. That was huge. Going solar was smooth and much easier than I expected it would be.
Sarah DudleyResidential solar since 2015
I was sold right away when I learned you can match my power needs with panels at the same price that I was paying Green Mountain Power. In a few years it’ll all be paid for and I’ll have free power.
Deane DudleyJericho, solar since 2015
I switched to solar to save money and become more energy independent. The more I can power my life with solar the better off I am. With the battery back-up, I can store sunshine to use during an outage making the most of my solar production.
Rhonda PhillipsMiddletown Springs, Vt.
It’s going to be a great back-up system. When power goes out, obviously there are some key things I’d like to keep going, like the alarm system, medical alert, the hot water heater, the food, just in order to to bridge the gap between the outage and whenever the power gets set back again.
Miguel OrantesBellows Falls, Vt.
Thank you all for making this process so easy. We are so excited to have solar power. Let the sun shine!!
Michael & Cynthia GilhoolyResidential Solar since 2015
I have always had an interest in doing the right thing for my community by using renewable energy. SunCommon made it easy to go solar. I had an absolutely delightful experience working with them and haven’t had an electric bill since my panels were installed in December of 2014. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.
Gary DResidential customer since 2014
Just have to say that it was a wonderful experience to work with you. We are solar and love it. Thank you for being so accommodating and responsive to our questions and concerns. You all are the best.
Sara LabarreMilton, VT
"We had always thought about going solar. The thing that pushed us to do it now was the financing package. It's basically not going to cost you any more than what your power bill was, and that made it worthwhile for us. Since we've put our system in, there have been four or five more SunCommon systems installed on our road!"
Bert TorstensonResidential Solar since 2014
We thought it was a nice idea to provide solar to the community at large. We've always felt that solar and wind power is a good idea. It's always there. It's sustainable. It takes us out of the nuclear and coal situation.
Sherry TolleCSA Host
I never gave it any thought until someone from the Fairlee Energy Committee asked if I had land to use for a Community Solar Array for our town. Not only does hosting a CSA help me and my granddaughter financially, but it helps the community have solar options.
Carol MarcottCSA Host
I believe we need a diversity of energy solutions and solar provides a net gain for the environment. I am happy to be part of the solution
Richard HodgeCSA Host
By joining a Community Solar Array, we are able to work towards energy independence while supporting our mission to educate the community about renewable energy. Solar is just a smart economic decision because it saves us some money on our electricity bill and it's doing the right thing. We have a staggering electric bill. For us, obviously it's a great benefit to offset our electricity usage but the real key critical piece is to use these as science tools, as science displays. They allow us to expand some programs we already have and to create some new ones. We're so excited to roll out an education program over the next year that really capitalizes on doing the right thing, saving money and capturing that educational value.
Adam KaneFairbanks Museum and Planetarium
Welcoming SunCommon sends the message that this community is proactive in how we think about our energy production and use. When I see solar panels I see progress. We need to be responsible in understanding where our power comes from. While our convenience culture has led to an increased demand on energy, we can now turn to a new, affordable and convenient solution: solar power.
Tara Robinson HoltSt. Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce
Going solar has helped us transition completely away from antiquated fossil fuels at our home, and we are at the point now that we are even considering digging up and getting rid of our propane tank. Telecommuting and a plant-based diet further ensure that our carbon and greenhouse gas footprint is minimal. Knowing that we are producing power has made us more mindful of our power consumption and needs, and we now continually strive to consume more efficiently, and therefore consume less.
Rohit SharmaResidential Solar since 2014
I was raised to believe in alternative energy. Solar panels used to be huge and expensive, the technology had not come along to make them easy for everyone. I had heard that it was possible that private solar installations had come down in price and size and that maybe I could afford to stop giving my money to the power company every month! I chose SunCommon because I knew some of the employees there, local people I trusted. I looked around at other companies who had similar products, but my solar adviser made the process so easy. My Solar Advisor was flexible, he was able to come meet me after work and look over my house to see if solar possible for me. He followed up and made sure I understood what the process was and the time frame it could happen in. I have not paid any money to the electric company since going solar! There are three other people in my office who have gone solar too and when the sun shines, we are farmers harvesting sunlight! I look forward to doing my income taxes and taking my great solar credit!
Daria CardenResidential Solar since 2015
I haven’t paid anything to Green Mountain Power since March 2015 and given my current $364.20 credit, I suspect I’m unlikely to pay them ever again. I’m glad to be able to model a positive change for my children. That they’ll see that we didn’t accept the status quo, and that we felt driven to seek out a solution to make the world better.
Rob FrieselResidential Solar since 2014
We just went solar! I’ve been looking at solar for a couple years but was nervous about the cost of solar and didn’t know anyone that had gone solar. I approached SolarCity and didn’t find them to be a reputable place, so I connected with the group that did my friend’s install: SunCommon. Very pleasant, very easy. Solar is an add-value to my home and makes my home standout against the other homes in the neighborhood. SunCommon was organized and had everything already created making the process much easier. SunCommon also offered a better interest rate than my credit union could get me. It was all laid out nice and easy and I couldn’t argue with it. That was a huge help to make me feel comfortable with it. That’s what I call a reputable company.
Matthew BandyResidential Solar since 2016
When my husband and I first purchased our condo in Waterbury, I was immediately interested in installing solar panels. I was disappointed to learn that at that time, SunCommon could not install panels on condominiums because of regulations. But, SunCommon offers an alternative: Community Solar Array membership. The process of joining the array was seamless. It was one of the best user experiences I’ve ever been through. It was completely digital and in total, took about 15 minutes. SunCommon made it easy and stress free. As the Mom of a little one, I was impressed and grateful that they respected my time. We’ve been members of the array for eight months now and couldn’t be happier. Making the switch didn’t cost us anything and we’re happy to have Mother Earth benefit most of all.
Becky ColleyCommunity Solar since 2015
I wanted to do my part and power my life through solar power. Plus, I wanted to save money and smooth out my energy costs to avoid the unpredictable swings. I was disappointed when I learned that solar wasn’t a fit for my home. I persevered, researched, and discovered an alternative way that I could help support solar in Vermont: Community Solar.
Kyle NeyerCommunity Solar since 2015
My wife and I joined the Monkton Community Solar Array in March of this year with a 7% share, and we immediately began seeing benefits. Our CSA share generates enough credits to cover our electric bills over the summer, pay for our two heat pumps AND take us into the winter with a $726.00 credit on our electric bill. We are saving money and our heat pumps are reducing the amount of oil we burn helping to make our little corner of the world just a bit greener!
Bruce BaldwinCommunity Solar since 2015
My wife and I recently moved to Vermont from Washington, D.C. We left the very place where environmental policy is discussed to come to the place where environmental policy is in action. Vermont’s progressive politics, rural landscape, mountains and clean air were inviting, but it wasn’t until we arrived that we truly discovered a gem unique to Vermont: Community Solar.
Nick CunninghamCommunity Solar since 2015
The first winter with our new solar panels, I went out after every snow storm and meticulously cleaned off our panels. It was so exciting to have them! But after the first month, I lost steam and didn’t get around to it. At that point I realized that the difference in electricity production was just really minimal.  So, I haven't bothered since.
Gaye SymingtonResidential Solar
Excel Pluming and Heating did an excellent job on both the installation of our new heat pumps. The pre-installation visits thoroughly prepared us on what to expect. We knew exactly what to expect and the various installation options we should consider. The installation team was a pleasure to have at our home. They were a neat, efficient, polite, and a very hard working group. They also demonstrated their flexibility when we requested a change regarding one of the two heat pump units. When they left at the end of the day we were amazed that our property looked exactly as it had looked before they arrived that morning with not a piece of furniture or blade of grass out of place. 
Rick EaryResidential Solar since 2015
I have two kids and I’ve lived in Vermont all my life. Our previous home was a 30 year old mobile home. It was cold as heck in the winter and a hot sweat box in the summer. We needed a better home, way of living and to be much more energy efficient. With our new home we went solar! I love that we can get energy from the sun. We’re just sucking up the energy from the sky. I would’ve gone solar earlier if I had known how easy SunCommon made the financing. It’s easy. I check my GMP monitoring and see how much I’ve consumed and how much I’ve generated. I can just hear the money – cha-ching! – coming off my bill as I watch the progress my solar is making.
Simone Colby, VergennesSolar since 2015
As Vermont dairy farmers, it’s very important for us to budget our expenses to remain a viable business. Since milk prices are unpredictable, we were looking for ways to invest in our farm to maintain some predictable expenditures. This is why we chose to host a Community Solar Array (CSA) on our land. We looked into building and buying our own array but it was cost prohibitive. It would’ve taken up a lot of our purchasing power. So, when the CSA program at SunCommon was created we knew we had found a great fit. By hosting a CSA, not only have we secured predictable, constant electricity rates for our farm, but we’ve also developed a new form of the working landscape.
Molly Magnan, Fairfield CSA Land HostCommunity Solar
We are glad we chose to work with SunCommon. They have a great process that took care of everything for us from beginning to end, including financing! Throughout the process we worked with many great people that looked out for our best interest and were willing to go the extra mile. The team is very committed. Anyone who is interested in the solar option with or without heat pumps would be crazy for not doing it now with SunCommon.
Reynolds Family, GeorgiaSolar since 2015
As a 95-year-old on a fixed income, solar heating and cooling is a great help. I'll save thousands of dollars every year by not burning all that propane — and that's with the current drop in fuel prices. The next time they spike again, I'll be sitting even prettier. I am like all Vermonters who bristle at heating our homes with dirty, expensive fuel oil or propane. I turned to clean solar energy to heat my home in the winter and get guilt-free air conditioning in the summer. Solar heating is here in Vermont in a big way.
Sam Fogel, CSA Member Solar Heating & Cooling
Having lived in my community for 37 years, I have become more and more interested in the connections and closeness the word ‘community’ evokes. Being part of the Community Solar Array is a way of celebrating and giving back to our neighbors and Vermont.
Evergreen Erb, Jericho CSA Land HostCommunity Solar since 2014
We've been using solar power for 30 years, but recently installed a solar system with SunCommon. It was a no-brainer! SunCommon is an impressive and professional group with an affordable program at no upfront cost. With no more electric bill, we enhanced the value of our home and we’re contributing to Vermont’s clean energy economy. We’re proud to do our part for our grandkids and generations to come.
Woodruff Family, BarreResidential Solar since 2014
When I moved to Vermont years ago I knew I needed to find a way to affordably heat my Leicester home. At the time fuel oil was my only option but just recently I learned of this virtuous combination of having a heat pump and solar panels heat your home. I love the idea that these two work together to create renewable heating.
Kate Williams, CSA MemberSolar Heating & Cooling
I think of this 3% CSA share as 1% for my home electric bill, 1% for my heat pump and 1% for my little CMax plug-in hybrid car. For those three things (transportation, heat and home electric) I’m really jazzed that I can have it all on my solar account. And the reality is that it was just so darn easy. I am really impressed with what SunCommon is doing in this state. They’ve made it so easy to access solar and in a way that makes great local jobs.
Wendy McArdle, Waltham CSA memberCommunity Solar since 2014
We chose to go with solar, in addition to the environmental benefit, to make continued living in Vermont in the future possible. With our current energy costs quite sizeable, due to our old house which is proving difficult to weatherize, something had to be done.
Leonard Perry, MiltonResidential Solar since 2014
We worked with SunCommon right in Waterbury Center to install solar on our home. They installed at no upfront cost and we quickly saw negative electric bills. I was skeptic that it would be possible, but we saw results right away.
Cuc Hyunh, WaterburyResidential Solar since 2014
SunCommon and Peck Electric are a well oiled crew, efficient, hard working. Asked them if they like being on the cutting edge of the Green Revolution? They smiled, and said they install panels everyday all over Vermont.
Mark HackettResidential Solar since 2014
SunCommon was the reason I decided to look into solar panels in the first place. The group was so well-informed, enthusiastic and very helpful in answering questions and concerns. I was also impressed how the 3 system installers worked with such competence and friendliness.
Peter JungkunstResidential Solar since 2014
My 110% most favorite part of my SunCommon solar system was last summer when I was running my air conditioning 100% on the power of the sun. That's like poetry or something.
Norma MillerSolar Heating & Cooling since 2014
Overnight lows hit minus 17 degrees in Montpelier and weren’t much warmer come morning. The cold-climate heat pumps we installed upstairs and downstairs in our 1880’s cape were put to the test last night. Guess what – they’re still working!
Liz EdsellSolar Heating & Cooling since 2013
Very first month of solar power generation gave us a $55 credit and it's only April. Generated almost 1200 KWH since hookup.
Curtis Swartzentruber, New HavenResidential Solar since 2015
Going solar is one of the changes we can make that can help change the world we live in. As a small family we can’t affect large scale change, but this is an attainable way to help improve our future.
Kristen Bartle, ColchesterResidential Solar since 2014
It’s no surprise to me that SunCommon serves 1,000 homeowners. The program is truly a no-brainer. Solar is great for so many reasons, but when you get down to brass tacks and start saving Vermonters money, the only question is: why not?
Chris PierceResidential Solar since 2012
Working with SunCommon was wonderful. Their professionalism, upfront approach and overall customer relations was top notch. The installation was simple and without complications. Now that I’ve gone solar, I’m saving money which makes my life even more satisfying. Get in touch with SunCommon to learn how you can, too!
Mitch Moraski, BarreResidential Solar since 2014
I just did the math and during the 2nd coldest month in Vermont’s history, we saved 60 gallons of fuel oil which works out to $125 and our electric bill only increased by $45.00. We have not turned the heat pump off since it was installed. I have it set to raise and lower the temp based on our occupancy schedule. We have been very pleased with it.
Jarrod HarperSolar Heating & Cooling since 2015
The heat pump is great! It has certainly surpassed my expectations regarding the amount of heat it puts out and how well it circulates it, not only in the room in which it is installed but throughout the entire floor of my house.
Alison Buhler, KillingtonResidential Solar since 2014
We’ve got all this land here and I said, “I’d like to have a nice solar array put in.” I don’t have to do anything. Sign a few papers and that’s it. SunCommon did a nice job. I really love looking at the solar array. I’m happy that we’ve got something like this on my land, that I’m doing something for our kids. Can’t ask for much better than that. I’m going to be happy as the dickens to see this every morning when I get up.
Harvey Bushey, Fairfield CSA Land HostCommunity Solar
I was born into a world with oil lamps, well water pumped by hand and horses for travel. Then the automobile and telephone in every home led to a cell phone in every hand. And now we have electricity from the sun. Watch out world. I can’t believe it. I’m proud to have found a way to further my working landscape. I’m happy to be helping my neighbors and fellow Addison County residents. The low, silent solar panels will nest in the sunny meadow that I’ve always enjoyed and offer a new view into my future.
Vera Blakely, Orwell CSA Land HostCommunity Solar
I’m so excited. I thought last month was great only owing $33 to Green Mountain Power, but this month I opened my bill and noticed we don't owe anything! Yeah baby! Thanks SunCommon. We love being part of a solar array. Now we start racking up the credits for next winter. Awesome!
Karen McKenny, Waltham CSA memberCommunity Solar
When your children grow up and ask you what you did to stop global warming and make the world a better place, I can say to River, "The answer is in your back yard." Every time we go up there he says, "These solar panels are really cool dad!"
John Meshna, New Haven CSA Land HostCommunity Solar
The proof is in the pudding! In just under a year, our SunCommon solar system generated enough clean energy to offset 9,420 lbs. of carbon emissions. That’s equivalent to 9,840 miles not driven and 110 trees grown for 10 years! We’re saving money every month and helping the environment. Now that’s AWESOME! Get in touch with SunCommon to see how you, too, can go solar.
Martin Family, BarreResidential Solar since 2014
I purchased my system from SunCommon and couldn’t be happier. They were a great group to work with – efficient, professional and did a clean install on my roof (Peck Electric). I have had my system a year now and generated enough credits to carry me through the next few sun deprived months. Congrats to them on their 1,000th install. –
William ReedResidential Solar since 2013
It seems so many people don’t know the benefits of solar and how affordable it really is, so we want to spread the word! Before installing solar we were under the impression it was out of our budget, but SunCommon offers affordable, no upfront cost financing that really makes sense. We’re excited about what we’ve done for the environment and our finances. Want to go solar? Get in touch with SunCommon!
Macura Family, BarreSolar since 2015
SunCommon has been true to its mission. They have removed the barriers to going solar, particularly for citizens and homeowners who have never before participated in renewable energy efforts. They’ve made this as easy as possible. All we had to do was say yes. Energy from the sun is going to power our lives and heat our homes.
Diane Lanpher, VergennesResidential Solar since ______
I was very, very satisfied with the entire process. The install went smoothly and the crew was friendly. As someone who works in the business, I can say the work was of great quality. When an issue was brought up, the crew was responsive and is going to take care of it.
Seth Morrisette, RichmondSolar since 2015
We had our heat pump installed today. I want to mention that the installers were great, and the heat pump is fantastic!
Eric, Fairfax Solar since 2014.
The people at SunCommon made the process so understandable and transparent I felt no qualms about proceeding. The actual site evaluation and installation was nearly magical – things happened on time, quickly, and with less fuss and muss than I could ever have imagined. The results are all that I hoped for. I couldn’t recommend this organization and the wonderful people I met through it more strongly. I am glad I chose to work with SunCommon.
Hilary Hatch, Leicester Solar since 2014
They have a great process that took care of everything for me from beginning to end, including financing! Throughout the process I worked with many great people that looked out for my best interest and were willing to go the extra mile. The team is very committed. Anyone who is interested in the solar option with or without heat pumps would be crazy for not doing it now with SunCommon.
Aaron Reynolds, GeorgiaSolar since 2015
All we had to do was say yes.
Rep. Diane Lanpher, VergennesSolar since 2012
It's the future and I want to be part of the future. It's natural, is what it is. It's respecting the planet.
Adam Bortz, Waltham CSA memberCommunity Solar

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